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Sportswear Main

Emerging Sportswear Brands Redefining Athletic Fashion

The sportswear landscape is undergoing a revolution, and at the heart of it are the rising sportswear brands challenging conventions. This article lists 5...
Alex Marathon

Alexandria Marathon

"Alexandria Marathon is the biggest and official race of Alexandria. It consists of a Full marathon 42.195km, Half marathon 21.0975km, 10k, 5k, 2k Family run,...
Galala Challenge

Galala Challenge VI

Welcome to the sixth edition of Galala Challenge taking place this October 14th, 2022. Our aim this year is to promote having safer roads for...
Tough Mudder Egypt

Tough Mudder 5K @ ZED East: March 4th

Tough Mudder is the world's leading obstacle course challenge and has been organised by The TriFactory in Egypt since 2019. Tough Mudder is designed...
Dania AbdelKader Befit

Dania Abdel-Kader, A Rising Functional trainIng Athlete and Coach

Dania Abdel-Kader The 22 years old Dania Abdel-Kader started her athletic journey when she was 18, transitioning from high school to school of engineering. She...
Eat and Workout Sherifa el Nahas

Eating and Excersise: Your Food Guide To Training

Diet, weight loss, muscle building, and exercise are subjects of much debate. We will look at the ways that the nutrients and movement combine then utilize...
Dr Wafaey Physio Cure Main

The star behind the celebrities: Dr. Wafaay the Physiotherapist

Doctor Mohamed Wafaay Makady has a masters degree in Physical Therapy, A DPT in Physical Therapy, and an advanced manual therapy diploma from Sheffield, UK. He...
Summer 2018 Main

Rock Your Body in Sahel – Summer 2018 Guide

It's finally Sahel season! You know you worked hard all year long for that summer body. That's why you need to maintain it. Every year, the...
Build & Burn GYM

Build and Burn Gym: the choice of the elites in the heart of Heliopolis

Build and Burn is a fully-equipped mixed gym in the heart of Heliopolis. It is located in El Oubra Street in Sallah Salem. If...
Bikini Bomob


Summer 2018 is around the corner and all too soon you´ll be examining your swimwear and wondering why you don´t feel more confident. Well...

Hazem Rabei runs the world

Hazem Rabei is a 40-year old Businessman, working in the fields of jewelry and silver. Hazem played sports a lot as a kid, football, tennis, swimming,...
Orphans Day Main

FitSquad, CairoRunners and Emaar partner on orphan’s day.

If you check your calendar regularly, then you already know that it's this time of year again. That's right, it is time for #UnitedForGood annual charity...

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