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Women Influencers Main

50 Inspiring Egyptian Women to Follow in 2021

We’ve scanned social media for the most influential health and fitness accounts. Despite there being too many to count, we brought you a list...
Warehouse Sodic Club S

WAREHOUSE | The House of Functional Training

With rising generations and trends, functional training takes a spotlight. These workouts are what we need to improve our daily-life tasks, both simple and...
Way Up Body Sculpture

Way Up| The Finest Sports Equipment clicks away

Way up sport is a daughter company of the Afifi group, which was founded in 1996 by Dr. Ahmed Afifi. They have 4 sports brands...
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Rehab Cycling goes to Fayoum

Rehab Cycling Team invited us on a 2-day trip to explore Fayoum like never before. The day started at 6 am, at Al Remaya...
Mahmoud Sebaei MMA Champ


Egyptian Olympic wrestler Mahmoud Sebie won his first MMA fight against Jarell Murry in Palm Beach, Florida. After 17 years of wrestling, Mahmoud Sebie...
BasiPilates - 3sixty pilates

BasiPilates – The most prestigious Pilates program is now in Egypt

The most prestigious Pilates program worldwide, BasiPilates, is FINALLY IN EGYPT, thanks to 3sixty Pilates. The Mat and Comprehensive teacher training lasted four days, with...
F45 Training Sodic west

F45 Training Playoffs: The world’s ultimate fitness test

We spent our Saturday with F45 Training Sodicwest, attempting to complete the world’s ultimate fitness test at the F45 Training Playoffs. The 10-minute test...
Shaza Shark Dahab

Shaza El Qersh: Founder of Dahab’s First CrossFit Box

Last month, Dahab witnessed the opening of its first-ever CrossFit box: Sharkfit Dahab. As they say, good things never come easy, and the journey...

The Warrior Princess: Habiba El Kobrossy’s Journey in Fashion and Fitness

Habiba El Kobrossy's dream was to become a model. She has been trying to get into the field since 2014. It was quite a...
Fayek Online Prog

Ahmed Fayek Workout Programs

About Ahmed Fayek Coach Fayek is a certified pro athlete with two masters and many years of experience. Work experience and certificates X-Mechatronics Engineer.X-track &...
Gouna Half Marathon 2020

Gouna Half Marathon 2020: Ready, Set, Gouna

Another successful event for The TriFactory took place last Friday. El Gouna Half Marathon featured 3 different races, the 21K, the 10K, and the...
Ibrahim - Online Workout

Ibrahim Taha – Workout Programs

Started to compete in 2014 at THE SHOW season one and 2015 MuscleMania then in 2016 Mr.Olympia Amateur in Men’s Physique division and in 2017 MuscleMania in Classic Physique division then in 2019 Balance Pro in Classic Physique division

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
Booty & Abs Program Building muscle in your glutes is what will give your booty a lifted and rounded shape.

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