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Vape Main

Tobacco cigarette, vaping, and shisha, when you’re choosing, choose your health

Shisha and vaping are becoming trendy nowadays. Almost no hang out with friend is free from shisha. Upon walking into the malls or any...
Beach Snacks Main

A day at the beach: healthy snacks

You know how when you’re at the beach and you suddenly feel hungry from all the swimming, playing and looking at the water? Sometimes,...

Summer smoothies to have on the beach

Nothing compares to a cold smoothie on a hot summer day by the beach, don’t you think? There’s also the joy of preparing your...
Konafa Intake

How to control your 7lwyat Ramadan intake

Every Ramadan brands compete to create the sexiest desserts. We see new dessert inventions every year like red velvet basbousa, konafa nutella, konafa blueberry...
Sohour Main

5 healthy Suhoor combinations that will keep you hydrated, full, light, and active

Ramadan day is tight and we only have 2 meals and barely 1 snack a day. That's why we want to make the best...
Survive Ramadan and Stay Healthy

7 Tips to Survive Ramadan and Stay Healthy

1- Don’t drink all your water at once. Here is how Break your fast with 2 cups of water, 2 hours later drink another 2...
Recipe Main

4 healthy seductive dessert recipes by Hala Serag El Din

Craving a dessert but you're following a healthy diet? No need for the conflict, , the healthy foodie gives you many healthy recipes to...
Yummy Recipes

Yummy Summer dessert recipes by Hala Serag El Din

Summer is almost here and it's distinguished in Egypt by endless kinds of tasty fruits. Hala Serag El Din is using them to create...
low-calorie diet

5 diet types that don’t help you lose weight

Your friend visits a nutritionist and she is given a diet plan at which you think is going to be perfect for you as...
Lemon Detox

14 day detox system for losing belly fat

Belly fat is a common irritating problem for many women. They might neglect during Winter. Winter will end soon and you will find yourself...

9 things you should eat immediately before sleeping

Many advise you to avoid eating before bedtime. But few will advise you that eating certain foods can help you sleep well which contributes...
Diet Deserts

5 places to buy healthy desserts in Cairo

Who said that being on a healthy diet doesn't co-exist with having a dessert. Check the below places to buy healthy desserts and keep...

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