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Party on Wheels

9 Editions of Party on Wheels and Counting

9 editions of POW & counting! The annual spinning marathon/ entertainment fiesta is back with Nirvana Zaher at Makani Beach Club in Gouna. And...
Project Blu

Youth-led ‘Project Blu’ Launches Kayak Relay to Clean The Nile & Recycle Plastic!

Witness the power of youth in action! Today, BISC & CAC high schoolers launch 'Project Blu' with an exhilarating Kayak Relay Race. Their mission...
Fibo 2024 Germany

CairoGyms at FIBO 2024: Unleashing Fitness Trends from Germany!

CairoGyms made it to Germany for the 2nd year in a row for a new and epic edition of FIBO, the world's leading trade...
Top Nutritionest 2024

Taste Meets Health: Top 18 Nutritionists to Follow in 2024

In a world where diets are often associated with deprivation, we understand the struggle to balance health and the desire for comforting flavors. Fear...
Sphinx Run

The Sphinx Run: A Run for the Heart

Everyone gathered today around the majestic Egyptian Pyramid for The Sphinx Run, a historic run for the heart. The run was organized by Stamina...
Galala Challenge

Galala Challenge: Egypt’s #1 Cycling Event Makes a Huge Comeback

Galala Challenge, Egypt’s #1 cycling event, made a huge comeback in 2024! The 7th edition of the race started at District 5 and ended...
Kahk Guide 2023

2023’s Ultimate Healthy Kahk Guide

We're a couple of days away from Eid. We're and have always been against cutting Kahk completely; It's a once-a-year tradition that everyone deserves...
Zahwa Ramadan Nutrition Tips

Your guide to building a balanced plate for Iftar and Suhoor

As the holy month approaches, the nutrition programs, questions, and debates begin to rise again. It could sometimes get extremely overwhelming with the amount...


Staying active during Ramadan can be a challenge, but it's important to prioritize your health and fitness goals. Fortunately, there are many fitness centers...
Top Nutritionest to follow on instagram

Kickstart Your 2023 Fitness Goals With These Top 15 nutritionists

Nutritionists know that many people stereotype diets as depriving themselves of all the comfort foods that bring happiness after a long work day. While...
Egyptians who made us proud 2022

Egyptians Who Made Us Proud in 2022

Medals, trophies, and beyond! 2022 was definitely a year of success. And as always, we like to take a moment to show our appreciation...

Mariz Doss on top of the world’s highest mountains

We would like to hear about your background; tell us about you.  Here is an ordinary woman who was gifted and blessed with extraordinary opportunities. My...

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