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2020’s Ultimate Kahk El Eid Guide

Eid is just around the corner, which means that it’s finally time them Eid cookies! Every Eid we’re blessed with Kahk, Ghorayebba,...

Your 6 Suhoor Tips to Healthy Fasting

The Prophet (PBUH) taught us about the blessings and virtue of Suhoor when he said “Eat suhoor, for in suhoor there is blessing.”...
Farah Zahran Main

Holistic Approach Guru Farah Zahran Shares Her Methods

A personal trainer, a yoga teacher, and a life coach, Farah Zahran aims to change people’s lives through a holistic approach. Bringing...

8 Healthy Food Restaurants That Deliver During Quarantine

We’ve put together a list of healthy food restaurants that deliver during the quarantine. If you have to order food and want...
Immune System Main

10 Immunity Boosters To Guard You Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

The five most important preventive measures with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are frequent hand washing, not touching your face, coughing into your elbow,...
Top 15 Egyptian athletes to follow

Top 15 Egyptian athletes to follow for social distancing home workouts.

Because we care about your safety, we brought your workout to you. Avoid going to the gym or doing group workouts to...
May Noureldeen Main

Absolute Beast Maye Noureldin is Shaking the World of Calisthenics

A marketer by day and a full time fitness fanatic by night, Maye Noureldin probably got the passion for fitness from her...
Muhammed Zayed Main

Calories and Misconceptions with Coach Muhammad Zayed

IFBB athlete, sports nutritionist, health coach, Eleiko strength coach, and founder and technical director at Balance gym and Hers gym Coach Muhammad...
Cairow Rowing Club

Cairow: An Unforgettable Rowing Journey and an Amazing Nile Experience

Right at the brisks of Dokki, at the very Greek Rowing Club, lies Cairow water sports. A serene space with a friendly, inviting...
Healthy Cravings

7 Healthy cravings to warm you up this winter

There is no doubt that our appetites significantly increase in winter. Various different reasons and hypotheses exist as to why that happens, and a...

How to boost your energy and lift your mood instantly

It’s cold outside and winter blues are all over the place. Here are a few tips and tricks to boost your mood and get...

Need a convenient source of high-quality protein? Danone brings you “HiPRO”

If you’re big on fitness, sports or just want to stay healthy and fit, then you’re probably going to love this: HiPRO...

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
1- Customized program – Design Your Body! 2- Hip Dip Filler. 3- Booty building & Booty lifting. 4- Chest Up. 5- Get them, Sexy ARMS!

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