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50 Inspiring Egyptian Women to Follow in 2021

We’ve scanned social media for the most influential health and fitness accounts. Despite there being too many to count, we brought you a list...
Hania LA7

Hania Aboulmakarem| A Full-time Volleyball Athlete & Coach

Hania has been an athlete all her life. She played volleyball professionally in the Heliopolis sporting club team and in the AUC’s women’s volley...
Hadya Hosny

Hadia Hosny| Ambassador and empress of Badminton

Hadia Hosny, ambassador of the International Badminton Federation, and Member of the Parliament, and other presidential and nonpresidential programs has set the bar so...
Maria Bishara Pilates

Maria Bishara The Pilates Physio-instructor

Meet Maria Bishara, a lady who found her healing through Pilates, and is now on a mission to heal the ones in need and...
Yasmine Nazmy - Happy Belly

Yasmine Nazmy Author of vegan Happy belly and owner of “KAJU”

Yasmine feels that her journey with food is always kind of in service to  those around her, and herself too, but mainly, it was...
Health Coach and Diet

Noran Nounou, Health coach or Dietician?

Health coach or Dietician? Noran Nounou, a Certified Health Coach at Dr. Sears wellness institute, An IIN Health Coach, and a Mind-Body Nutritionist is explaining...
Moms and Kids activities

10 Entertaining Mother-Child Activities To Enjoy At Home

Let’s walk you through 10 Fun activities for Mamas (and Papas) to share with their kids at home during the pandemic! Make cookies, decorate and film...
Wadi Ibex - Raid

Running Trails With Raïd and Ibex

Raïd, a business executive, serial entrepreneur, SME advisor, father of three, and a sports enthusiast tells us all about trail running:What it is, what...
Rasha Baramawy

Dr. Rasha Elbaramawy Nutrition 101 for dummies/foodies

Nutrition is essential for every one of us, whether it’s for health maintenance, or body transformation. Nutrition is the science of taking in and...
Yasmen Abulmaaty

Yasmen Abuelmaaty: The 19-Year-Old Pole Vault Future Legend

Yasmen Hazem Mostafa Abuelmaaty is a 19-year-old pole vault athletics champion, gymnastics coach, entrepreneur, and Industrial Engineering student. Yasmen started her athletic life as...
Be good to you - Nada abutaleb

Nadia Aboutaleb Stirs the Health Industry and Turns Adversity Into Light

Nadia Aboutaleb is a firm believer that the key to happiness is balancing a lifestyle of good nutrition, daily physical activity, and a positive...
Healthy Food in Sahel

Summer 2020 – Healthy Food Spots in Sahel

Your annual trip to the North Coast has now become way more convenient in terms of dietary options. More and more healthy food chains...

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