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Free Play

Kidskids classes
Families will enjoy special times laughing, loving, learning and playing together in Free Play sessions. Children build important developmental skills and heighten their sense...

Karate-Martial Arts Training

Kidskids classes
Karate incorporates all the protocol and discipline of a more traditional martial arts studio, but in a unique and fun manner for our students....

Fit and Fun Days

Kidskids classes
This exciting program is filled with gymnastics, sports, relays, arts and crafts, story time, music time, and much more. Children move and stay active throughout...


Kidskids classes
Camps are simply the best! Children participate in energizing fitness games, noncompetitive gymnastics, arts and crafts, music and so much more. Camp programs are uniquely...

Cardio Kids

Kidskids classes
(7-13 years) A prgram created to combine a cardio workout with strength and flexibility exercises for children who are now at the age when they are...


Kidskids classes
(6-8 years) This is first age where perfecting form and mastering sports and gymnastic skills become priorities. During this 1-hour program, the children learn to...

All Star Sports Program

Kidskids classes
(4-7 years) All Star Sports Program empowers children, ages 4 to 7, as they learn the rules and fundamentals of various sports. Confidence soars as...

Whiz Kids

Kidskids classes
(4½-6 years) These children are now ready to refine and master basic gross motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, kicking and catching....

Mighty Mites

Kidskids classes
(3¼-4½ years) With greater independence comes the ability to participate without the parent, and children are lavished with positive reinforcement for self-reliance and following directions. Strength, flexibility,...

My Gym Art

Kidskids classes
(3-8 years) Learn, Create and Explore program is the perfect class for children who love art and the world of imagination! Children have tons of...

Terrific Tots

Kidskids classes
(2½-3¼ years) In addition to having fun with structured games, fascinating Adventures, and pre-gymnastics, our Terrific Tots learn beginning sports skills, gain fine and gross...


Kidskids classes
(23 months-2½ years) The gross motor abilities of early 2-year-olds are often characterized by more confident running, jumping on two feet, and an overall improved...

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