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Glutes and Quadriceps

Leg Workout: Glutes and Quadriceps

Working out your legs is also crucial to maintain a nice symmetry, which is simply the proper balance between the size of each and...
Build Your Lower Body Strength

How to Build Your Lower Body Strength

Lower body strength helps us in many ways, from walking, to running, to building endurance. The primary muscles in the lower body that you...
Leg Workout

Power Muscle Burn Leg Workout

Training Level: Intermediate Days Per Week: 2 Target Gender: Male & Female Workout Description This leg workout will help you build quad and hamstring muscle by focusing on three different training approaches, all used in...
Leg exercise

Beginner Leg Workout

This beginner leg workout is composed of 9 sets and 4 exercises. This workout targets the hamstrings, glutes (butt muscle), quads and calves. To get better...

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