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CairoGyms Fel Balad 2024

Wrapping Up CairoGyms Fel Balad 2024

The annual #CairoGyms_Fel_Balad challenge, organized by CairoGyms, has just wrapped up, marking another successful year of touring gyms and challenging athletes across the city....
Tatweer Misr x Bikers

Tatweer Misr Celebrates Motorcycle Safety with to IL Monte Galala Ride!

May of every year marks Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a time dedicated to highlighting the importance of road safety for motorcyclists. This year, Tatweer...
Phil Heath

Phil Heath Inspires at V-Camp: A Legendary Meetup

In an eagerly anticipated event, the iconic 7-time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, made a remarkable appearance at V-Camp. Thanks to ProFit's Dr. Ghabn and V-Camp’s Reda...
Somabay Endurance Fest 2024

Somabay Endurance Festival Returns

Over the past 10 years, The Tri Factory managed to bring thousands of athletes from all over the world together to participate in Somabay Endurance...
Glow Run

The Glow Run: Ready, Set, Glow

Ready, Set, Glow! Live at Palm Hills, we got to attend the most-anticipated: Glow Run! This perfect nighttime/ summer adventure was organized by The...
One Run Global

ONE RUN: Uniting 190,000O Runners around the world

The Tri Factory welcomed hundreds of runners to the Pyramids of Giza for the first race of its kind in Egypt and the world's...
Party on Wheels

9 Editions of Party on Wheels and Counting

9 editions of POW & counting! The annual spinning marathon/ entertainment fiesta is back with Nirvana Zaher at Makani Beach Club in Gouna. And...
Project Blu

Youth-led ‘Project Blu’ Launches Kayak Relay to Clean The Nile & Recycle Plastic!

Witness the power of youth in action! Today, BISC & CAC high schoolers launch 'Project Blu' with an exhilarating Kayak Relay Race. Their mission...
Ramadanak Fit main

Ramadanak Fit 2024

CairoGyms is proud to announce the launch of a new edition of its annual Ramadan campaign, #Ramadanak_Fit. #Ramadanak_Fit is created to promote movement and healthy eating...
Women Emp 2024 She Inspires Me

She Inspires Me 2024

This March marked the launch of a new edition of CairoGyms' annual #SheInspiresMe campaign. #ShelnspiresMe is a campaign that shines the spotlight on remarkable women....
Women Emp 2024

40 Egyptian Empowering Women to Follow on Instagram in 2024

In honor of Women's Empowerment Month, let's pause to acknowledge the women who are leaving a mark in the realm of health and fitness....
Cairo Marathon 2024

Cairo Marathon: Celebrating 11 Years of CairoRunners

It’s CAIRO MARATHON DAY! We're celebrating 11 years of hitting the streets of Cairo with CairoRunners, and the excitement is off the charts! The race...

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