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Nesrin Nagy

Nesreen Nagy| Professional Swimmer & Fitness Coach

Nesreen Hussein Nagy, a 29 years old lady who has graduated business school from British university in Cairo in 2013, has been working in...
Slack Egypt

Muhamad El-Sharkawy| Egypt’s first professional Slackliner

Slacklining Although slacklining hasn't been around for too long (early eighties), it's been an activity/sport that has captured the hearts, minds, and souls of the...
Women Influencers Main

50 Inspiring Egyptian Women to Follow in 2021

We’ve scanned social media for the most influential health and fitness accounts. Despite there being too many to count, we brought you a list...
Warehouse Sodic Club S

WAREHOUSE | The House of Functional Training

With rising generations and trends, functional training takes a spotlight. These workouts are what we need to improve our daily-life tasks, both simple and...
Hania LA7

Hania Aboulmakarem| A Full-time Volleyball Athlete & Coach

Hania has been an athlete all her life. She played volleyball professionally in the Heliopolis sporting club team and in the AUC’s women’s volley...
Hadya Hosny

Hadia Hosny| Ambassador and empress of Badminton

Hadia Hosny, ambassador of the International Badminton Federation, and Member of the Parliament, and other presidential and nonpresidential programs has set the bar so...
Yara El Sharkawy

Yara Elsharkawy| Fencing away Every barrier

Yara El-Sharkawy, a 21 years old lady started her sports journey when she was 4. Her head start was swimming which she didn’t fancy...
Maria Bishara Pilates

Maria Bishara The Pilates Physio-instructor

Meet Maria Bishara, a lady who found her healing through Pilates, and is now on a mission to heal the ones in need and...
Way Up Body Sculpture

Way Up| The Finest Sports Equipment clicks away

Way up sport is a daughter company of the Afifi group, which was founded in 1996 by Dr. Ahmed Afifi. They have 4 sports brands...
Sandy Grace Soul Studio

Sandy Grace| A Pole’s Soul Journey and Transformation

Sandy had no sports or fitness background whatsoever. She was overweight and chubby, being tall too in that form, was not to her liking....
Omar Hegazy Main

Omar Hegazy: An Endurance Athlete and Nutrition Coach

Omar tried a bunch of sports growing up including swimming, horseback riding, football and Muay Thai. When he was done with his studies, he...
Mayar El Sherif - Tennis


Mayar Sherif is the 1st Egyptian to win a Grand Slam match in 44 years and the 1st Egyptian to win an Australian Open...

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
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