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Somabay Endurance Festival

Somabay Endurance Festival

#SomabayEF: The Spring Edition of the Somabay Endurance Festival takes place from May 26th to May 28th! We can't wait to see the endurance...
Cairo Runners Cairo Runners

Cairo Half Marathon 2022

It’s time for the biggest marathon of the year once again! Cairo Marathon is back with a new cause for your and your family. In...
Erini Ayad

Erini Ayad Stumbling upon healing through movement.

Stumbling upon yoga It all started 16 years ago, when Erini was 14, way before the break-out of the internet. "I used to be a...
ElFit Juniors

ElFIT Juniors Helping Kids and Teens Develop a Healthy Future

Since 1970, the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled. In 2016, one out of every five children are...
Nader Emad LA7

Nader Emad Mingles the Art of Ballet with Fitness

Nader is the founder of Giselle Ballet & Dance Academy. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Ballet, Academy of Arts, Cairo, Egypt, holding...
Tough Mudder Main

Tough Mudder’s Makes Its Way To El Gouna

Tough Mudder took their one-of-a-kind obstacle course to El Gouna. This edition marked the first-ever tough mudder by the red sea coast. This year’s...
Alex Half Marathon main

3rd Annual Alex Half Marathon With Alex Night Runners

Eid is officially coming to an end, and a run with Alex Night Runners is the perfect way to say goodbye. We spent our...
Hadany Mehanna

Hanady Mehanna Insane Ramadan Transformation!

The beautiful actress Hanady Mehanna’s appearance in ‘Maktob Alaya’ came as a surprise to all her fans. We’re proud of you Hanady for doing what...
Ramadan Actors 2022

9 Actors Who Aced Their Physique in Ramadan 2022

Ramadan series this year are full of art, and besides art, drama, comedy, and action, fitness played a role too! We bring to you...
Rana Amer

Rana Amer Influencing by Nutrition, Stories, and Health Summits

"You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be?" Rana Amer is a pharmacist who worked in the pharmacy career for 3 years,...
Places to Run in Ramadan

15 Places to Run This Ramadan

Jogging before Iftar has almost become a Ramadan tradition, and we’re here to keep it alive.  Grouped by neighborhoods, we’ve listed below 15 different...
The Base S&C - Daaour

Ahmed EL Daour Dropping The Base S&C

‘Action is the foundational key to all success.’ Ahmed El Daour, tutor in Elite Performance Institute (EPI), and strength and Conditioning coach of El Ahly...

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