Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Check before and After body transformation pictures in Motivation Section

15 Rising Female Stars who surprised us at ElFit 10th edition!

Every year, the steaming ElFit sports event displays never-stopping-to-amuse performances of hustling athletes that celebrate the abilities and powers of humans and what they...
ironman main

Merriment and competition, the Ironman Race thundered Sahl Hasheesh!

This morning, the annual Ironman triathlon race has taken place in the magical city of Sahl Hasheesh. The Ironman race is one of the...
ElFit Main

ElFit Electrifies New Capital’s Sports City

The highly anticipated 10th edition of Elfit event was launched on the 10th of November at the New Capital Sports city.  Elfit event is one...
Jomana Yasser

Jomana Yasser returns to life after her heart stopped beating.

Jomana Yasser is a successful triathlon athlete - a running, cycling, and swimming multirace - and a member of the national Egyptian triathlon team....

Mariz Doss on top of the world’s highest mountains

We would like to hear about your background; tell us about you.  Here is an ordinary woman who was gifted and blessed with extraordinary opportunities. My...
Ziad Mousa Befit Coach

Ziad Mousa, The Young Blazing Fitness Coach

Background Ziad Mousa is a twenty-six years old coach. He graduated from the German University in Cairo with a major in finance and strategic management...
Hana Elleithy Yoga

Hana Elleithy’s Yoga World Of Fitness and Spirituality

We sat down with Hana Elleithy to discuss her yoga journey. Read on for some inspiration. Tell us about who you are and tell us...
Cairo Row Marathon

Cairow Half Marathon: The Biggest Nile Parade

What a day! We spent our Friday taking part in THE BIGGEST NILE PARADE with Egypt’s TOP WATER-SPORTS CREW. This parade was not just...
Fitness Truck

FTNS Truck, an impressive mobile gym right at your doorstep.

Your schedule is busy…you may have thought about shopping your groceries or buying new phone accessories online, but have you ever imagined to order...
Cairo Bike

Cairo Bike Is Finally Here

Today is the official launch of the Cairo Bike Initiative - Phase 1! The 1st phase of the project features 26 stations and a total...
Diana Karim

Diana Karim – Story of an Ice Warrior & Athletic Performance Coach

Background Diana Karim is an athletic performance coach originally from California, USA, that moved to Egypt with her husband and two daughters back in 2018....
Reem Hashem Yoga

Reem Hashem’s Journey of Manifestation and Yoga Inspiration

A pharmacist and a yoga teacher in the serene city of Dahab, meet Reem Hesham, a young yoga enthusiast, and get to know her...

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