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Mariz Doss Main

Mariz Doss: A passion of Running & Climbing for a greater cause

The head start Mariz’s passion for sports, running and climbing mountains has given her a platform and an exposure...
Sara Seif el Nasr

Sara Seif Diving and Flying up and below!

Sara Seif, a 28 years old lady has dived right into the fitness world! Sarah started participating in sports in the year...
Maha Abdel Salam Diving

Maha Abdelsalam| The Egyptian Olympian diver with over a 100 medals!

Maha, an Egyptian Olympian diver, and a 3rd year media student at Florida International University, has dazzled us all!! She went all...
Rasha Baramawy

Dr. Rasha Elbaramawy Nutrition 101 for dummies/foodies

Nutrition is essential for every one of us, whether it’s for health maintenance, or body transformation. Nutrition is the science of taking...
Coach Ramy setting goals

Coach Ramy – A Guide To Achieving our New Year’s Goals

Setting goals is rather easy, but the challenging part is achieving them; That is where Coach Ramy came in to share with...
Best Fitness Moments 2020


Although 2020 has been one of the most difficult years this Millenia, Cairogyms and the fitness and health community could and would...
Sandra Samir Tennis

Sandra Samir: Breaking the Boundaries of Egyptian Tennis

Sandra Samir is a 22-year-old professional tennis player and Business student. Inspired by her older sister, Sandra first started tennis at the...
Yara Shalaby Rally

Yara Shalaby| A Fierce Rally Racer Who Never Quits When It Comes To Passion!

This story is about passion.. about pursuing dreams. Yara Shalaby spent years in search of her passion, and...
Big Ramy Mr Olympia 2020

Big Ramy wins the bodybuilding 2020 Mr Olympia championship.

Big Ramy Wins The 2020 Mr. Olympia! The Egyptian Bodybuilding champ Big Ramy is the first Egyptian to ever Win Mr. Olympia! Congratulations champ!...
Tough Mudder 2020

Toughmuddersegypt are back with their challenges and obstacles!

THE MUDDERS ARE BACK! This year, 500 mudder came together at Up Town Cairo for 2 days and conquered 13+ obstacles. We had...
Farah Shimy

Farah Shimy: Exploring the World of Modern Competitions

Farah Shimy has been an athlete her entire life. Ever since she was a child, her parents made sure she and her...
Mohamed Ali 3asab Mr Olympia

Mohamed Ali 3asab wins 6th place at the Mr. Olympia championship.

Congratulations to our champ Muhammad Ali 3asab for winning 6th place in Mr. Olympia 2020! We’re super proud of you! Keep going. Check...

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