Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Gaza Race 2024

Run for Gaza with The Tri Factory

Incredible turnout and show of support today at the Run For Gaza with The Tri Factory. Participants had the option to choose between a...
Fitness Bloggers Main

40 Egyptian Health Bloggers to Boost Your Wellness & Fitness Journey With

Dive into a realm of well-being with our guide to "40 Egyptian Health Bloggers to Boost Your Wellness & Fitness Journey With." Uncover the...
Saqqara Race 2024

Energy, Excitement, and Memories: The 3rd Edition of Saqqara Pyramid Race

We got to experience the magic of history mixed with the thrill of the run at the 3rd edition of the Saqqara Pyramid Race...
Top Nutritionest 2024

Taste Meets Health: Top 18 Nutritionists to Follow in 2024

In a world where diets are often associated with deprivation, we understand the struggle to balance health and the desire for comforting flavors. Fear...
Sphinx Run

The Sphinx Run: A Run for the Heart

Everyone gathered today around the majestic Egyptian Pyramid for The Sphinx Run, a historic run for the heart. The run was organized by Stamina...
Galala Challenge

Galala Challenge: Egypt’s #1 Cycling Event Makes a Huge Comeback

Galala Challenge, Egypt’s #1 cycling event, made a huge comeback in 2024! The 7th edition of the race started at District 5 and ended...
Top Crossfit Main

Unleash Your Inner Athlete: Top CrossFit and Group Training Hubs In Town 2024

Ready to supercharge your fitness journey in 2024? We compiled a list of Egypt's top CrossFit and Group Training hubs that will help you...
Best Moments Main

2023 Fitness Scene in a Nutshell: The Best Moments of the Year

In the world of fitness, 2023 was packed with amazing moments. From cool events to jaw-dropping competitions, it was a year of big achievements....
Zayed Charity Run

Zayed Charity Run: Racing Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

Racing towards a brighter tomorrow as we sprint to end 2023 on a charitable note! Zayed Charity Run is back for an 8th edition...
Proud Athletes

Egyptians Who Made Us Proud in 2023

It's finally that time of year again! CairoGyms' team compiled a list of Egyptians who made us proud in 2023. Let's explore the outstanding...
Pyramids Half Marathon

Pyramids Half Marathon: A Time Travel Through History

Running through history and alongside the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World is one of our favorite annual rituals! Pyramids Half Marathon returned...
ELFIT Women 2023

ELFIT 2023: Rising Female Stars Who Stole the Spotlight!

Each year, ELFIT sports event showcases a mesmerizing display of relentless performances by dedicated athletes. ELFIT 2023 is no exception. As CairoGyms focuses on...

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