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Immunity Boosters Main

14 Foods to Boost Your Immunity this winter

HealthyNatural Foods
Given the instability of the weather and the indecision of winter this past period, it is important to protect our bodies from the risk...
Food Container Guide

The Egyptian Guide to Food Containers

HealthyNatural Foods
Summer is over and everyone’s back to work, and school. Because it is important to stay energized during the day, we have put together a simple...
Beach Snacks

7 Healthy Snacks To Nibble At The Beach!

“Healthy” and “snacks” seem like two words that are hard to put in one sentence, or so they say! While you’re packing up for a trip...
Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef |The Plant-Based School Debate

In 2017, Bassem Youssef published a post saying that he has been following a plant based (Vegan) diet for over 4 years ( 6...
Nutrition Myth and Facts

10 must-know nutrition myths and facts

HealthyNatural Foods
listed before you, are 10 of the most common myths about nutrition that just hardly stops being spread. The Salt Myth To lower blood pressure and decrease...
Detox Main

Drink yourself Clean!

DetoxNatural Foods
Because we are exposed daily to natural risk factors, like pollution, chemicals, heavy metals, and cancerous substance that put us at risk of intoxication, accumulating our...
Organic Food

7 Organic markets and farms to consider for fresh groceries

HealthyNatural Foods
We’ve pinpointed for you some of the best markets to shop for your organic and diet friendly groceries. Between these cornered markets and out skirted farms...
Losing Weight Main

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Weight Loss Solutions that Work!

Why am I not losing weight? The frustrating timeless question you annoyingly counting calories and being mindful of portion sizes while working out for...

Should you be switching from regular dairy milk to coconut milk?

Coconut milk is a very important substitute for those who follow plant-based diets or those who have lactose intolerance. Lately, coconut milk became one...
Diet and Sex Life

How your diet is negatively affecting your sex life?

The Quick answer is 'yes', a diet CAN affect your sex life. A horrible diet not just causes obesity, heart diseases, and countless other...
Calorie Count

Why I don’t count calories by Samira Khalil

Technically speaking, A Calorie is an energy required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius. In an easier...

The Difference Between Simple & Complex Carbohaydrates

Carbohydrates are sugars that come into 2 main forms; simple & complex. The difference here is how simply & quickly it is digested through your...

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