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9 Skin Care Tips To Shield You From The Summer Sun

It’s summer already, and the season requires a special skin care routine! Try not to skip any of the following tips in order to keep...
3eyal kebret

5 nutrition tips from grandma between myths and facts

Since childhood we were bombarded with many nutritional tips from our fathers and mothers that are inherited from our grandparents. Although we have a...

6 creepy Halloween makeup tips that will totally freak out the neighbors

These easy Halloween makeup tips prove that 'scary beautiful' is totally a thing.Halloween's a holiday worth celebrating — not just because of the mountains...
Wedding Workout Main

10 quick tips to look amazing in your wedding dress

We all want to look great in the big day, we want to look slim and fit. However, time always steals us and we...
Sprint Main

Sprint Active Wear fights xenophilia, made in Egypt!

Many of us might have watched the TV campaign that aired during Ramadan featuring how people judged differently in 2 similar situations when in...
Beach Snaks

10 healthy snacks to take at the beach

The sea breeze makes you feel hungry and its fabulous view encourages you to eat especially if you did some effort swimming. No worries!...
4 Main Ways to Help You Lose Stretch Marks

4 Main Ways to Help You Lose Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are streaks or lines of lighter color than the skin. These fine lines happen to most women as a result of skin...
wedding makeup season‏

Wedding Makeup Season‏ – Dos and Don’ts

Does your wedding get closer? Are you stressed about your look in your biggest day? Don’t worry, and just stay relaxed, here are some tips...
Ramadan Tips

13 Simple Wellness Tips to Use During Ramadan

According to modern claims, fasting includes spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits. Fortunately, for our ancestors fasting was easier and more efficient. While they used to inhale...
7 Ways to Stay Gorgeous For The Summer

7 Ways to Stay Gorgeous For The Summer

Summer is here! Hot weather means sweaty faces and ruined makeup. Here are some tips so you can beat the heat and keep your face looking...

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