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Johny Bravo

5 tips to avoid the Johnny Bravo figure and ease your leg day

  Have you ever stared at your endless gym selfies and said "I know this person, it's Johnny Bravo!"? Actually if you looked at your...
Full body Workout Using a Pull up Bar

Learn How to Perform a Full body Workout Using a Pull up Bar

Using only a Pull up bar, you could have a full body workout. Pull up bars are not made only for pull ups. There...

How to Squat: In 22 Steps

Squats are an important exercise to strengthen and tone your glutes, whether for men or women.  Squats also assist with your core area's &...
Sexy Legs

The sexy leg workout

Just because nothing is sexier than mini-skirt worthy legs, doesn’t mean that it takes a lot of moves to get there. All you need is...
Advanced Training

Legs and Shoulders Advanced level training

Adding Shoulders with legs in the same training day is a very efficient way, as you save your energy level and hit both areas...

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