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Top Fitness Centers Egypt

10 Facilities for Fitness and Wellness Coaching Programs and Teacher Trainings!

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so they can be great at whatever they do.” If you’ve been craving to...
Veganizm in Egypt

Veganism in Egypt in A Nutshell

What is veganism? Pretty much vegetarian plus. Vegetarians don’t eat any poultry, meat or fish. Vegans, besides being vegetarian, do not consume or use any...
Muhammed Zayed Main

Calories and Misconceptions with Coach Muhammad Zayed

IFBB athlete, sports nutritionist, health coach, Eleiko strength coach, and founder and technical director at Balance gym and Hers gym Coach Muhammad Zayed takes...

How To Prepare Your Body For Fasting

These are 10 ways to prepare your body to endure fasting the day during Ramadan, with a lower appetite, and an energetic body! 1. Shrink your portions...
Mothers Day Ideas

10 wellness gifts to wrap for your Mamas this Mother’s day!

As Mother’s day approaches, we all fall in the pit of “what to get?”, and because our mothers are metaphorically, our roots and foundations, we owe...
Winter Activities

When the temperature goes down, raise your adrenaline up!

The best way to avoid a cold feet, is to get moving. People tend to hibernate during the winter, but we are no bears!...
Losing Weight Main

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Weight Loss Solutions that Work!

Why am I not losing weight? The frustrating timeless question you annoyingly counting calories and being mindful of portion sizes while working out for...
Sahel Bag

Your ‘bring to the beach’ Sahel checklist

We worked hard all year to enjoy those Sahel days, right? We sure do deserve a nice break. To have a smooth and easy-going vacation,...

5 damages of diet soda you don’t know

"But diet soda please." And you think you are in the safe side. However, diet soda has many damages to health and not even a...
Secret Abs

6 super tips for getting 6 packs

The 6 pack abs is definitely the ultimate goal of many guys around. Every day, many people write articles about the hidden secrets of...
Deers Gym

deers Egypt wellness center, Everything ladies ask for “under one roof” to be fit

What do women want? A big controversial question that we might not find an answer for in a lifetime! But actually what do women want to...
Vape Main

Tobacco cigarette, vaping, and shisha, when you’re choosing, choose your health

Shisha and vaping are becoming trendy nowadays. Almost no hang out with friend is free from shisha. Upon walking into the malls or any...

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