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10 Foods that are Dangerous to Your Health

You may be aware of all the good foods that you should include in your diet, like fresh fruits and vegetables. But do you...
Swim Benefits

10 Reasons to Start Swimming Now

It's a total-body workout: You don't have to use weights in your workout routine, because swimming already tackles everything from sculpting your back to...
10 Steps to Becoming a Runner

10 Steps to Becoming a Runner

Ever wanted to be a runner, but didn't know how to start? Here are some beginner running tips to help you start and stick...
You Start Weight Training

8 Tips You Need Before You Start Weight Training

Being a newbie to the world of weight lifting means that you're going to push your body to its limits. As great as working out is,...

9 Foods That Should Be in Your Fridge

1. Eggs They're economical, convenient and packed with hunger-squelching protein. Even though some old refrigerators have those cute, perfectly shaped egg holders in the door, store them...

Fat Burner Buyers Guide

Losing weight isn't easy, but supplements can help. Find out exactly which ingredients burn fat, boost energy, and stave off hunger. The secret to getting...
Snacks for Kids

10 Amazing Snacks for Kids

With their smaller stomachs, kids may not eat much in one sitting, but they do eat often. The problem is, children are not only...

7 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You About

There are a few tips that can help you be more professional in applying makeup. Only a few tricks can make you look more...
Kid Eats

How To Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Choking

Pay attention to your kids Watch your children while they’re eating or drinking, because kids usually don't make any noise when they are choking, so be careful that you...

Hair-Care Tips

Sixty-nine percent of women are more confident after a dye job. Choose permanent color. You can go darker or lighter and cover gray, but try...

Foods that can be unsafe for your child

As your child grows, he'll tend to have food from your plate, and you'll be careful to add variety to his diet. But you need to place...

12 Unhealthy Kids Health Habits and How to Fix Them

Bad Habit: Fake Healthy Snacks and Drinks That Are Loaded with Sugar A lot of snacks may seem healthy, such as granola bars and energy drinks but...

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