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Yoga Locations Main 2

Top yoga studios in Cairo: unleash your inner yogini

Yoga has become so popular lately, thanks to its incredible stress relieving effect, as well as being a simple plain workout routine that anyone...
Train Properly Main

Train properly, Remain healthier

Some stuff you think you are right while telling them, but the fact is, you are terribly mistaken. You were hurting your joints and...
Band Workout Main

My Band Workout #WorkoutAnywhere

Summer is knocking on our doors; a great way to work on your body for the season is band workouts. A band workout will...
Flex Diet

Flexible dieting is the secret word

Summer is finally here and all that time you spent getting “bikini body ready” for a beach vacation can be undone with this one...
fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

5 fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

We're all receiving Summer with a common goal to lose weight and big enthusiasm to workout and get fit. There are some common mistakes...
Hassan Gabr Main

If you’re not one of his Instagram followers, you’re missing a lot.

You’ve probably heard the name Hassan Gabr before. He is Egypt’s fittest man 35+ for 2016 and a certified CrossFit coach at BeFit. If...
Mean Girls

5 shades of not getting enough sleep

  Whether you're health conscious or not, sleep tends to be the last thing in your priorities. Many of us started paying attention to what...

3asab, a champion proves that age and injuries are just nothing

"Age is just a number." Many sports champions have proven it along the years. This time we have a champion that is proving that...
Secrets To Improve Your Running Endurance

Secrets To Improve Your Running Endurance

Are you a long runner who wants to increase your cardio endurance for those marathons or maybe you're new to running, and you just...
Pilates back pain Main

The forgotten cure of back pain, Pilates

How many people suffer from back pain? How many go to the doctor and are advised to do physiotherapy or take care of the...
low-calorie diet

5 diet types that don’t help you lose weight

Your friend visits a nutritionist and she is given a diet plan at which you think is going to be perfect for you as...

9 things you should eat immediately before sleeping

Many advise you to avoid eating before bedtime. But few will advise you that eating certain foods can help you sleep well which contributes...

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
Booty & Abs Program Building muscle in your glutes is what will give your booty a lifted and rounded shape.

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