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Mothers Day Main

Top mother’s day offers and events recommendation

Mother's day is only a few days away. If you still not sure what to get your mother, we have gathered some of the...
Secret Abs

6 super tips for getting 6 packs

The 6 pack abs is definitely the ultimate goal of many guys around. Every day, many people write articles about the hidden secrets of...
Deers Gym

deers Egypt wellness center, Everything ladies ask for “under one roof” to be fit

What do women want? A big controversial question that we might not find an answer for in a lifetime! But actually what do women want to...
Studios Main

7 fitness studios in New Cairo to workout, dance, and meditate

Some people are not interested in joining a gym to walk on the treadmill and lift weights. They are more concerned with exercising with...
Events Nov2

Events of the week: All good things happen in November

We brought you some of the best events that will be taking place this week. we have yoga by the Nile, yoga for kids,...
4 Ways to Recover

4 Ways to Recover after a Gym Workout

People assume that working their ass off day and night every day at the gym will lead to faster and better results. Well this...
Exercise Myths Vs Facts

Exercise Myths Vs Facts

MYTH #1 Static Stretching before working out is important to prevent injury. FACT: Static stretching AFTER working out has many benefits to our bodies but...
Ramadan Workout

4 aspects to reconsider for exercising during Ramadan

Ramadan is never meant to be an excuse for suspending exercise. You can work out in Ramadan and make the best out of it...
Plank Article

30 days of plank workout for getting ready for Summer

For any newly mother or just any woman who wants to have some bikini time in summer, there is always one common problem; “The...
Train Properly Main

Train properly, Remain healthier

Some stuff you think you are right while telling them, but the fact is, you are terribly mistaken. You were hurting your joints and...
Band Workout Main

My Band Workout #WorkoutAnywhere

Summer is knocking on our doors; a great way to work on your body for the season is band workouts. A band workout will...
fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

5 fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

We're all receiving Summer with a common goal to lose weight and big enthusiasm to workout and get fit. There are some common mistakes...

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