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Yoga athletes

30 influential Yoga athletes to follow

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." We’ve compiled a list of the 30 best yoga athletes in...
Yes Wellness Day - Yoga Pyramids

YES Yoga: Yoga with an incredible Pyramid sunset view

Yes Wellness Club partnered up with Ghalya by ALEXBANK and Tri Factory to bring Yes Yoga Day to life, an awesome event that took...
Sukun Yoga Platform

Sukun- The Online Platform for Your Serenity and Inner Peace

Sarah Abdeloniem was scheduled to sign a physical space for her yoga studio only 2 days after everything had closed due to the COVID-19...
Sara Abdel moneim Yoga

Juggling 4 Jobs with Peace and Grace – Sarah Abdelmoneim

Sarah Abdelmoneim is a NileFM radio host, Good People GM, yoga instructor, and co-founder of Happy Blends. In this interview, Sarah shares four chapters...
The Fab Yoga - New Cairo Main

Lousiana & Diana Faaberg: The Two Yoga Sisters behind “The Faab Space”

Brought together by their love for yoga, the two sisters Diana and Lousiana launched The Faab Space Just two weeks ago. We spoke to...
Nina Main

Nina Kabbany: The Yoga Influencer You Need to Follow!

Founder of Zen K Studio, Nina Kabbany a peaceful warrior is twice certified from the Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Thailand. She can be found...
Got Stress Try Yoga

Got Stress? Try Yoga

The word “Stress” is becoming an essential part of our every day’s cycle. No matter what age group you are, you will probably get...

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