Tarek Magdy – A Triathlete leading The Triathlon Wave in Egypt

Tarek Magdy TriMachine

Swimming Through

Tarek Magdy’s athletic life started when he was 5 years old with swimming trainings. He joined and trained in teams, until his 2nd year in high school. Tarek swam 50 meters and 100 meters breast swims, and attained 3 national medals.” I heard about triathlons in Egypt in Suez, in 2010. I was a swimmer, and I used to run for my fitness training, and to cycle to my training sessions. In this triathlon, I ranked first in Egypt, that made me love and look forward to more triathlon races. I joined multiple times, always ranking in Egypt. I started to gradually shift from swimming and focus more on triathlons.”


Tarek Magdy TriMachine

Tarek is a physical education graduate, class of 2011, ranking 3rd. “I wanted to dig in deeper into coaching, I first coaches swimming, then shortly after, I coincidently got introduced to Tri-factory by captain Mahmoud Abdulhakim. I coached with the Tri-factory team, and became branch manager, then head coach of all branches for a journey of 7 years. All these years I trained and coached myself and others endurance training for triathlons, spreading the game and encouraging others to ace it.”

Iron Man

Tarek Magdy TriMachine

“I joined plenty of triathlons, representing Egypt.  3rd in Elite Men Pan-Arab championships in 2017, was my best record so far. I participated in the half Iron Man Dubai, coming 8th in my group, and achieving a high rank, coming 2nd in Egypt. My life was not dedicated to becoming entirely professional. I was coaching endurance training more than working out myself, recently I try to dedicate more time to self-training and participating in more races. My clients become even better than I am, with performances that exceeds my own, but that brings joy to my heart!”

Coach and Train

Tarek Magdy TriMachine

“I participate in many races now, but I do not consider myself a professional yet. I coach more, and I try to maintain a balanced share of time between my social life, work, and my family. Most of my time is spent working, it is challenging to manage all aspects of my life, but I try. I owe my family everything, they’ve been extremely patient with me, and unconditionally supportive of me, I hope I can make them proud, and give back that gratefulness.”


Tarek Magdy TriMachine

“2020 was a turning point for me and my brother, we left Tri-factory, and decided to so the coaching while Tri-factory plans the races. My brother and I opened Tri-machine, to raise and spread awareness of endurance sports and triathlons, and encourage and train people to join and improve by training the right way. We started operating in 2020, corona hit, and everything paused, but we tried to manage an alternative online coaching program.”

Endurance is Key

“Our team started growing, we now have 3 branches of Tri-machine in 5th settlement, Alexandria, and 6th of October. Our team is the largest in endurance game in Egypt, our goal is to help individuals include sports in their daily life routine without injuries. We help people with injuries recover and we prep them for races. Thankfully, we have got to a great position despite being open and in for less than 2 years, we’re glad to help people enhance their life, and health!”

“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”

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