Tea and karkade egg coloring? Been there, dipped that

Natural Eggs Coloring

Who doesn’t love Easter? It is the only appropriate time of the year to eat colorful eggs.  Remember those Easters when your mother forced you to color eggs naturally? Remember how you were jealous of your friends for using those bright watercolors and doing those cool designs? Your mother was probably right, but natural coloring doesn’t have to be tea and karkade! That’s why we looked up some cool ideas that you can try with your kids this Easter.

Marbled eggs

  • Boil eggs for 7 minutes
  • Turn off the heat and let the eggs sit there for 5 more minutes
  • Remove eggs from the water and let them cool down for 30 minutes
  • Create cracks by tapping the eggs against a hard surface, but don’t overdo it
  • Place one egg at a time in a sandwich bag with 7 or 8 drops of food coloring
  • Massage the color over the egg until it’s well covered
  • After 30 minutes, rinse the excess colors with water
  • Now add some vinegar to each egg individually to set the color



Herb Stenciled

  • Boil some eggs
  • Rub vinegar into the shells
  • Arrange herbs or flowers on your egg the way you want
  • Use a piece of cloth/ stocking and tie it carefully around each egg
  • Place each of the eggs in a different pot of natural dye
  • Bring the pot to boil, then cover it and let it simmer for 10 minutes
  • Allow the eggs to rest from the heat for 15 minutes
  • Let the eggs sit in the refrigerator overnight (still dipped in the dye)
  • Remove the egg from the dye and untie the cloth and let it dry for an hour
  • Add some oil to a paper towel and use it to rub the egg shell



Here are some natural coloring ideas:

  • Try beets for a beautiful pink color
  • Purple cabbage for a turquoise color
  • Use carrots to get a yellow
  • Use spinach for a deep green color

For a strong dye, it is important not to use wide pots.  The wider the pot, the more diluted and weak the dye becomes.



Gradient eggs

  • Add food coloring to a glass of water, use a different glass for each color
  • Dip the egg in the glass
  • Slowly add water to the glass



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