Ten signs of danger during pregnancy exercise

danger during pregnancy exercise

During pregnancy, you’re carrying more weight, you need to take care and don’t push too hard on your body, however that doesn’t mean to stop exercising.

Here are the top 10 signs that you should watch out for:

1. Nausea:

Feeling sick after working out means that you have stimulated lactic acid in your stomach more than you should. If the sick feeling continued, call your doctor

2. Dizziness:

Dizziness with blurred or fade out vision and headaches are caused by anemia and sometimes serious health problems that can affect you pregnancy.

3. Sudden change in body temperature:

If you turn cold or hot suddenly, it means that your body can’t arrange its internal temperature. That can be harmful to your baby. Call your doctor if it gets serious.

4. Heart Palpitation:

If you can’t continue a couple of words, or you sweat a lot, take care, you’re pushing on yourself.

5. Swelling in your calf:

Your hands and feet may distend a little after working out, if you notice swelling this can be an indicate to vein inflammation, so make sure to call your doctor if it gets serious.

6. Vaginal bleeding:

Bleeding early during your pregnancy can indicate an abortion, while in the second and third trimesters, bleeding is associated with premature labor and complications with the placenta, such as placenta previa or placenta abruption. Contact your doctor if any of these happened.


7. Blurred vision:

If you get hazy during your workout and you can’t see well, take care because this might mean that not enough blood is getting to your baby.

8. Fainting:

Fainting during pregnancy should be dealt with a high care, it prevents the oxygen from getting to your brain, so this also means that your baby is not getting enough oxygen.

9. Sharp, recurring pain in abdomen and chest:

See your doctor in order to be monitored to discover whether you are in labor or not.

10. Fluid leaking from your vagina:

This may indicate that you’re about to go into labor.


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