The Beauty and The Beast 2020 – Without This, There’s No That

The Beauty and the Beast

“Without this, there’s no that” is the new Beauty and the Beast challenge. This challenge highlights that behind each beauty is a beast sweating it off; the beauty and the beast are actually the same person. Rana Hariri came up with this initiative to illustrate that to look attractive in dresses, you need to actually put in the work for it. Many fitness figures have contributed to the challenge, and you can too. Post your pictures using #CairoGyms on Instagram for a chance to be featured

Rana El Hariri

Rana Hariri

Rana is a Lebanese fitness GURU training in Egypt!

Nada Tobgi

Nada Tobgy

Nada is a Muay Thai/Kickboxing Instructor

Sally Ibrahim

Sally Ibrahim

Sally is an 800 RYT|Intl Adv Yoga/Teacher, CrossFit-L1|Trainer, and a Fitness Trainer

Allaa Ashmawi

Allaa Ashmawi

Allaa is the founder of Train with Ash

Amy Nagaty

Amy Nagaty

Amy is a Certified Personal Trainer

Maye Nour El Din

Mai Noureldeen

Maye is a BodyWeight Personal Trainer and a Calisthenics WCO certified



Cherry is a Martial Artist and a Kickboxing Coach

Miracle Nassif

Miracle Nassif

Miracle is a former African Judo champion. She studied sports science and nutrition to enhance her hands-on experience and now coaches women to reach their dream bodies.

Lousiana Faaberg

Louisana Farag

Lousiana is a Co-founder at The Faab Space and a 500Hrs Yoga Teacher

Sarah El Badry

Sara Badry

Sarah is a Functional Training Coach



Marina is a Zumba, STRONG BY ZUMBA, Stretching, and Pole Fitness instructor.

Maryam Bahaa

Maryam Bahaa

Maryam is a Volleyball player and a Fitness Coach at c60 Egypt and MVP Sporting Club

Menna Eissa

Menaa Eissa

Menna is an LA7gym Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Online Fitness Trainer, and a Kickboxing instructor. 



Nervana is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition coach, Certified DNAFIT Coach, and a Coach at Move Egypt.


Walaa Motamed

Walaa is an Athlete. She is also the Founder and CEO at Fit Zone

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