The Best Fat Loss Tips

Diet Tips

While we are unable to accurately display a percentage of failed diets we can say that most efforts result in short-term weight loss due to calorie reduction and unfortunately lead to further weight gain. Just in case your diet has failed or is on the verge of failure read our tips for the best fat loss…

1. Between 5-15 minutes before a meal, drink an 8 oz. glass of water or another healthy choice beverage to fill your stomach up so you don’t eat as much food.

2. Choose breads and other carbohydrates that are whole grains

3. Replace all soft drinks and other sugary juices with water. If you need flavor in your water use a lime or lemon wedge mixed in your water.

4. Always eat breakfast. A balanced breakfast will include a protein (steak, chicken, fish or eggs); Fruit and some oatmeal to kick start your metabolism. A balanced breakfast will allow you to stabilize blood sugar and prevent over indulging later in the day.

5. Try chewing flavored gum between meals. Most gum can be found in a variety of desert flavors and can have less than 10 calories per stick. Don’t overdo it with the gum and be careful of your dental health.

6. Cheat Days are acceptable. Allow your body to give into a craving once a week for one meal. Just don’t overdo it.

7. Replace your regular snack foods with raw almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds that are high in protein and essential fats. Just be conservative as calories can add up fast.

10. Try to avoid milk as it is filled with unhealthy hormones. Leafy greens are rich in calcium and can replace the calcium lost from the reduction of milk.

11. Cook more often at home. This will allow you to know exactly what is in your food and help you reach your goals.

12. Avoid all fried foods. If you are craving fried foods cook them at home using coconut oil.

13. Try to avoid processed food. Processed foods have chemicals and additives that are unhealthy and contain a mass amount of calories.

14. Remember to keep working. All types of activities burn calories. Move around as much as possible. Park further in the lot when going to the store, take the stairs instead of an elevator and experiment in new types of physical fitness. If you have kids create activities that get you all outside to PLAY and just do what you enjoy!

15. Don’t judge weight loss by the scale alone. Find ways to judge your progress and don’t get discouraged if the scale fluctuates. Take before and after pictures of your progress and judge your goals by the way your clothes fit.

Desire, Dedication and Determination will be required to reach your goals. Diets are not a quick fix they are a life style change that must include physical activity.

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