The Best Indoor Cycling Workout

Indoor cycling burns more than 500 calories in about an hour of working out or maybe less. Want to make it even better? Make your workout more like a cardio party

Set the Right Height

While pedaling, many people set the bike seat too low. They don’t know that bending the leg about 25 degrees at the bottom of the rotation is a must, as this helps to relieve your quads from doing all the work.


Stand Up 

Doing fast paced runs will require you to stay seated, however, if you want to add intensity to your body; lift your butt off the seat for a few seconds. For maximum workout resistance, stand up and hold the front handlebars with your hands, keeping hips lifted off the seat to burn more calories in your core, legs, and butt.


“Move with the Music” workout

Choosing the right music can make your ride better. Match your pedaling system to the beat. Start slowly, and then add resistance. Try riding to your favorite song: synchronize your pedaling speed with the beat, then add  some turn of resistance every 30 seconds, five times in all. This will help you burn more calories.


Don’t Forget Your Upper Body

Why don’t you transform your ride into a total-body workout? Add some targeted moves to strengthen your arms, chest, back, and shoulders; First, keep your pedal speed moderate-paced, using enough resistance to slow down but not so much that you can’t move your legs without also wiggling the rest of your body. Do two sets of 20 reps of each move, using two- to three-pound weights.


Reverse Biceps Curl

Hold a weight in each hand, elbows bent at shoulder level, weights in front of face, palms out. Bend elbows to straighten arms parallel to floor. Repeat.



reverse bicep

Triceps Pull Down

Hold a weight in each hand and extend arms overhead, palms facing in. Bend elbows, lowering weights behind head, then extend arms overhead and lower elbows to chest height (weights in front of face). Return to start and repeat.


The 45-Minute Interval Indoor Cycling Workout

This 45-minute session cranks up resistance while adding speed intervals for a high-intensity workout.

Minutes What to Do Speed (rpm) Tension
0 to 5 Warm up; stay seated 100 Light, slowly increased to moderate
5 to 10 Increase resistance; rise out of saddle 70 Moderate
10 to 12 Decrease resistance; stay out of saddle 110 Light to moderate
12 to 15 Keep resistance; sit in saddle 120 Light to moderate
15 to 17 Increase resistance; stay out of saddle 80 Moderate
17 to 19 Keep resistance, double pace; stay out of saddle 120 Moderate
19 to 21 Keep resistance, decrease pace; sit in saddle 80 Moderate
21 to 22 Keep resistance, double pace; rise out of saddle 120 Moderate
22 to 25 Decrease resistance; sit in saddle 100 Light
25 to 30 Increase resistance for heavy climb; rise out of saddle 70 Heavy
30 to 35 Decrease resistance; do seated arms workout 80 Light to moderate
35 to 40 Increase resistance; rise out of saddle 100 Light to moderate, slowly adding resistance
40 to 45 Cool down; sit in saddle 80 to 100 Light



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