The Best Sportswear Locations in Egypt From the Most Priced to the Cheapest

Sports Wear

You may be a bit astonished, but most people usually like to look good and up to fashion when it comes to the gym. Looking good motivates gymnastics to push harder, and the sporty wear a while after becomes a life style not just ” layers of clothes”.

If you want to have a look at the latest sportswear with the best qualities and styles but don’t know where to go then you got to check this list of sportswear locations in Egypt:


If you want to go for something trendy, colorful, different, and up to fashion, then Nike should be your choice, They produce unique and new sportswear lines that you probably won’t find elsewhere. Not just this, you can have those trendy sportswear with half their prices, only at Nike Outlet at Haram’s Faisal street.

They have branches almost allover Egypt especially in Cairo & Alex, so you don’t have to search too much.




If you want a sporty piece that will live longer at your wardrobe, with excellent quality and classy designs, then Adidas is the thing for you. And it has many branches allover the country, so you can find what you need easily.

If you want to get good bargains and offers, check Adidas Outlet at Haram’s Faisal Street.

Go Sport


This shop has a variety of sportswear brands combining activewear with professional sports equipment.

You can find it at Cairo Festival City Mall, and Dandy Mega Mall.


Sports Mall


If you are one of those who isn’t too into shopping, and want different things around to choose from, then Sports mall is the thing for you, it doesn’t only offer you sports wear, it also includes most Gym gear such as dumbbells, machines, Fitness gadgets, diving suits, with so many brands gathered under the same roof.

It’s Located in Muhandeseen.



A sports retailer that has a variety of sportswear brands like; Nike, Adidas, SPEEDO, WILSON, ASICS, ANTA, and others. with a combination of Sports Machines, and gadgets.

It has many branches around Egypt, such as Dokki, Mall of Arabia, City Center, Zamalik, Porto Marina, & San Stifano.



Personally, I call it the elite brand. Reebok is known for its distinctive fashionable sportswear designs, and durable products. If you want something distinctive, new, and like no other, don’t hesitate to pay Reepbok a visit.



When we talk about ANTA, we talk about the 5th biggest sporting goods company in the world. Although it’s kind of considered a new brand, it’s one of the most sportswear brand that has a variety of innovative designs and high quality products.

You can find ANTA’s branch in Egypt at City Stars.




High quality, distinctive designs, and long life products. Puma has many branches around Egypt, so it’s easy to find the nearest branch to you and go shopping without consuming long time.


Sportswear Locations that Offer Less Prices:




H&M stores have trendy well designed sports wear too, if you want something that’s not too costy, yet still fashionable, try their Sportswear Section.





Just as H&M, Max has a sportswear collection with good prices and up to fashion designs.

Nile Stock


If you’re one of those practical persons who want something convenient to wear at the gym , yet with good quality and designs, then you should pay a visit to Nile Stock. Their prices range from 70 L.E to 150 L.E

They have a quite good number of branches around Cairo. You can Find it at Muhandeseen, Haram, Shoubra, Maadi, and, Nasr City

Al Nasr Sports Center


If you want a place that offers you a wide variety of fitness gear, and sportswear with accepted prices and good quality, you wouldn’t love to miss El Nasr Sports Center.

It has many branches around Egypt; Mokkatam, Helwan, Down Town, Alexandria, Mansoura, Menya, Qena, Fayoum, Assuit, and Aswan.


Online Sportswear Spots



Want classy trendy sportswear with low prices ? AGU is the answer then. Their leggings may range from 50 L.E to 90 LE. and you can find them online at

 Hot Fashion

Hot Fashion

Hot fashion is an online store that you can find at  Hot Fashion provides trendy and comfortable sportswear with moderate prices .

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