The Clarity Cleanse is the Catalyst for Change!


Dr.Habib Sadeghi’s book, The Clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment, and Emotional Healing – he shows the paradigm-shift of taking risks by staying calm and clear about where you’re heading and what you’re doing.

He states how mental health goes hand in hand with physical health. He is a practicing physician that spends his time serving his patients at the integrative medical center, Be Hive of Healing he started with his wife.

About three decades ago, during his second year of medical school, Dr.Sadeghi was diagnose with testicular cancer. His living nightmare was a catalyst to seek clarity in his life.

Due to that he started self-identifying the root of the problem and from then on changed his perspective on life. Take things lightly not too seriously regardless of what life throws at you. That’s an amazing philosophy.

Choose “personal growth over personal profit”

Fear is dense and causes major damage to us by paralyzing our actions and making us live miserably in regret. We’re afraid of others opinions or failure or that we’re not good enough.

Dr.Sadeghi states, that we should detach ourselves from any outcome because outcomes are information not identification. In other words, circumstance does not correlate with your self-worth.

Dr.Sadeghi shares a What then? Exercise to encourage people that fear is all in their head and the worst outcome is not the end of the world.

Think of a risk or a decision you’ve been wanting and are most fearful of. After the statement, write: What then? Answer the question with the most logical and unemotional reply. Write and answer What then? Again. Continue doing so until you’ve mapped out the full context of your situation.

The purpose of this exercise is to reveal the Buddhist principal of detaching from anything. Once we attach to the idea of being a success or a failure. We end up depressed from an unrealistic result or unable to move because we cannot reach that dream.

Yet don’t entirely eliminate self-doubt because it’s a powerful tool to be utilized and used as a weapon to be a better person. Dr. Sadeghi writes, before any decision making we must prepare ourselves for the possible outcome and behave accordingly to ensure the desired outcome.

Mindfulness and reframing our mindset can cultivate change more easily and fluidly if we change our ways of reacting to the world around us. We need to view our lives from a bird’s eye so we can assess it not objectively judge it.

He says, “A problem is something you have. It is not who you are. The way we react to any issue is the issue.”

Always find meaning regardless of the situation. Your job, your friends, your hobbies everything must have a meaning. This is the modern version of the book, Man’s Search for Meaning.

Write a list of positive outcomes even in difficult times. For instance, you didn’t get the job you wanted maybe there’s a better one in store for you it’s all part of God’s plan if you truly did your best and gave it your all.

Write your own memoir Fast forward into the future like Back to the Future 2 imagine what your life will be like in the future. Hypothesize the lessons and outcomes to where your life will be heading based on your present situation.

These strategies inform us that we are the authors if not directors of our lives and we can change our narrative or script or scenes anytime we want to.

Dr. Sadeghi adds, “Cultivating clarity offers us the opportunity of fearless living. We can take risks without worrying about the outcome because we can choose how to experience it”

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