The Egyptian Guide to Food Containers

Food Container Guide

Summer is over and everyone’s back to work, and school. Because it is important to stay energized during the day, we have put together a simple guide to the food containers in Egypt so you won’t have to rely on takeout and junk food.

The basic types of food containers glass containers, compartmentalized containers, plastic containers, stainless containers, and stackable lunchboxes

 The most popular brands in Egypt

1. Curver

2. Tupperware

3. Pyrex  

4. Sistema

5. Luminarc

6. Lock&lock

7. Glass lock


Where can you find them?

  1. Home Supplies stores (ex: Hyper One, Ragab Sons, Seoudi, Carrefour)
  2. Hypermarkets
  3. Online (ex: Jumia,, … etc)
  4. IKEA
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