The Fitness Showdown; The Ultimate Bakerolz Initiative

Bake Rolz

Bake Rolz is becoming more and more invested in the world of sports and fitness and is positively using its platform to advocate for a healthier lifestyle by inspiring the community.

Bake Rolz Fitness Showdown

Being a healthy snacks company and as part of its more to come initiatives, Bake Rolz came up with the Bake Rolz Fitness Showdown. With more than 15 Egyptian fitness teams and over 200 athletes, this 2 stage competition was organized by In The Zone and took place over the course of 2 weeks in 17 different locations. The participating teams included CF Tycoons, Fit Factory, CF Pharaohs, Hit Egypt, CF Engine, Sporting Castle Club, The Hit, RX Fitness, Republic, Monkeybars, Gold’s Studio, CF Hustle, Carbon and Fit Squad.

The Showdown brought down its curtains and celebrated its winners on the 6th of this December. Through this initiative, Bake rolz is hoping to inspire other companies to use their platforms as well. 

Bake Rolz Fitness Showdown

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