The forgotten cure of back pain, Pilates

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How many people suffer from back pain? How many go to the doctor and are advised to do physiotherapy or take care of the pain with healthy movements. And how many are advised to join a Pilates class?

Why Pilates?
What’s so special about it?


Pilates is a great form of exercise that focuses on alignment and precise execution of movement. It starts out slow to establish a series of principles before moving on into a more flow and dynamic routine. Each session includes a total body workout and a perfectly balanced series of exercises that have the re-alignment of the spine as a main focus.


By working all the muscles groups – abdominals, back muscles, inner and outer tights’, shoulder muscles – we ensure an overall balance of the body strength. When the body learns to use all its muscles without allowing the stronger ones to compensate, the result is a better posture.


In the case of the spine, most of the problems nowadays are related to spending too much time sitting down, whether at work, or at home or driving. We just don’t move enough anymore.


The upper spine curves forward, the head falls forward, the lower back responds by assuming a reverse curve. The front of the body becomes overly strong and tight and the back of the body weakens more and more resulting in pain.


The answer shouldn’t be surgery or pain medication. Healthy movement can change that in just a few sessions. J. Pilates used to say that in 20 session you will have a whole different body!

Movement can heal pain, move

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