The give me 5 DIET

Give me 5 Diet MAin

Work hard during weekdays and play hard during weekends; this is what exactly this diet does. It encourages you to be discipline through weekdays and loosen up over the weekend. It’s as simple as why deprive yourself all the way; when in the times of fun you can enjoy yourself too!

Get started

Your goal for the first five days should be twofold: Follow a clean, bodybuilding-style diet and kick ass in the gym. Let me tell you what you are asked for:

  • Eat about 25% of your daily calories from protein sources, another 25% from fats mainly unsaturated which are low in animal fats. What about the remaining 50 %? These are the carbohydrates’ share. as they often come with fiber and won’t send insulin levels—the hormone most responsible for fat storage—skyrocketing
  • You can eat four, five, or six meals to get there. If you get hungry between the meals you can prepare yourself an easy protein shake which is far better than having a snack.
  • Forget about the desserts, processed and refined foods, fast food and anything that is off your clean diet.
  • Try to get at least 60 minutes of training during each workday. If your training split consists of fewer than five days in the gym, choose another physical activity for the balance of the days.
  • Hit a 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session a few times per week. Instead of sitting on the bike or treadmill for a low-intensity stroll, cycle very high- and low-intensity intervals for just 20 minutes. You’ll burn more calories and increase your fitness at the same time.


Tips for the 2 days reward:


Whatever foods or beverages you choose to consume, just be smart and do so in moderation.


While you’re having some rest from going to the gym you can go for a walk, do some activity with your family.


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