The ideal breakfast your child shouldn’t skip


Breakfast is definitely the most important meal for your kid especially for his school day as he probably needs some fuel after long hours of sleep and if he skipped this meal, it’s more likely to feel tired during the school day and loses his concentration.

But it’s not only about having a breakfast meal, mostly important it’s the components that form a healthy breakfast meal. There are 3 main components that should be present in any breakfast meal for kids from 6 – 12 years, they are:

  • Nutrient-dense foods
  • Foods rich in protein
  • Foods rich in fiber


  • Nutrient-dense foods

nutrient-dense foodsThey are foods which high concentration of nutrients compared to the number of calories like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and oats.


  • Foods rich in protein

    high protein breakfastParents usually give their kids a breakfast high in sugar before going to school thinking that this what will give them the energy needed. On the contrary, protein is the ideal thing when you want to maintain your child’s blood sugar levels to keep on his energy throughout the day. Give him milk, eggs, and yogurt.


  • Foods rich in fibers

    breakfast rich in fibersFibers help tummies work well, so when you give your kid fibers foods on breakfast you make him avoid any discomfort during the school day. Besides, fibers help in feeling full in a healthy way. So they won’t feel hungry until the next meal. Oats, nuts like almonds, and fruits and vegetables like pear and sweet potato are good sources of fiber.


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