The Inspiring Kareem Gouda’s Body Transformation Success Story & Diet

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Being in shape, handsome, and fit aren’t limited to movie stars, Kareem Gouda is an Egyptian Art Director, Nestle Brand Ambassador, and sports figure.

How it all started?

Kareem used to be a Water Polo player till 2005 and from 2008 to 2011 he played American Football, but after that he unfortunately paused because of Work. But it didn’t stop there, Kareem then, made into Crossfit and Kick Boxing.

His Achievements

“I don’t really want to call it an ultimate achievement but thank God I transferred from 125 kg to 88 kg in a year and half.” Kareem declared when we asked him about his ultimate achievement.

Karim Gouda

Kareem was also chosen by Nestle Egypt to be their brand ambassador.

And about His Diet

“Eating clean and training dirty, it’s cheesy, real talk.”

Kareem said. “5 meals a day, 3 main meals and two snacks; big breakfast (oats + fruits + honey or big plate full of fruits), Snack: 100 grams of non salty nuts. Lunch: probably something grilled or fish. Nothing is fried or made with butter. Snack: fruits or maybe a fresh juice. Dinner: something a bit smaller than the breakfast and lunch and it’s yogurt + honey + a green apple or a banana. And when I train late and I want to have dinner I always go for a half grilled chicken.” He continued.

Getting Inspired

When others tell him “Thank you for inspiring and changing my lifestyle to a better one.” Kareem gets inspired, they are the real heroes. They motivate him to never let them down.

Karim Gouda Transformation

Also seeing lots of athletes becoming the best in the world by the age of 30 and sometimes 40! “This makes me feel like why can’t I? Why not?! It’s never too late!” Kareem said.


Becoming the best in what he is doing is his goal, as well as aiming to compete in the world MMA championship whenever he is ready and the Crossfit games in USA as well.

Kareem advises everyone to never lose hope. It takes time to see yourself become from Zero to Hero. But why be a zero when you can become a hero in the eyes of many people? Maybe the World!

And the most two words he genuinely believes in are “Patience & Discipline”.
“When you see yourself slowly developing. You know you are doing it right.” Kareem said.


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