‘The Jungle Run’ by The TriFactory will take you back to Giza Zoo

Jungle Run

On Friday, March 23rd, The TriFactory organised The Jungle Run – Brought to you by M2 Developments. This brand new race took place at the historic Giza Zoo, one of the few open green spaces in the heart of Cairo and home to hundreds of exotic animals, bringing together more than 400 runners of different ages. The Jungle Run’s purpose was to offer runners of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience and engage with the Zoo, shedding light on its recent improvements and highlighting the need to continue to work on restoring it to its former glory. The Giza Zoo was once the biggest in the world, and continues to offer an incredibly impressive range of animals.

The Jungle Run offered runners three exciting races to choose from: a 2.5K Family Run, a 5K race open to anyone, and a special 5K School Series race with amazing prizes: scholarships to Geneva Business School & EU Business Schools, presented by International Education Advisers (IAE). Over 400 runners showed up to the event, racing through the Giza Zoo’s grounds and spending a fun day there afterward.

From an environmental perspective, The TriFactory partnered up with waste management company Environ Adapt to clean up certain areas of the Zoo. The night before the event took place, a dedicated team worked to clean up after the day’s visitors, and a larger restoration and renovation campaign is being planned for the coming weeks and months.

The Jungle Run was a great success, with runners all having fun and crossing the finish line, and will serve as a catalyst for positive change at the Giza Zoo, a national treasure that should be enjoyed by all.

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