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Use the TRX as a main routine in your weekly workout.

Your dream shape As the legend of “TARZAN” has a perfect shape and a very sexy monkey man, although he never goes to a gym or even knows what is a fitness influencer, but he used his body to jump, pull the tree branches, climb heights, and mostly squatting all the time.



Also, during the competition of bodybuilding or fitness physique challenges, I have always seen them use some tools to warm up or to pump their muscles before going up on the stage, such as “towels, using each other hands for pulling or pushing as resistance to pump their muscles”, I actually saw one of them used his pants belt to warm up his back, for them.

This is exactly the concept of TRX “How to use your body as a machine?” 


There is plenty of articles and researches about TRX on the Internet, but actually have you ever used it, does it work for you?!

You go to the gym everyday and you do the same warm up and maybe almost the same routine each week, we can reckon that there are a lot of people who warm up or to their knowledge the only bodyweight exercises are “push-ups, squat, lunges, Abs and pull ups”, we know it as  “Sweedei” which is using only your body to do a small (short) workout.


TRX does not pull you out to do different warm up or to try if you are boring and want to try new things or moves

TRX is a full effective workout routine that you will never have it anywhere else!

TRX suspension training is like a concept or a tool which has science roots, it is the only method that can give you “balance – flexibility – strength – endurance – core”

While you do one exercise from TRX, you will know and feel that you work out your core and engage all of your body all at once.


The magic of the TRX is that you can use it anywhere wherever you go!

If you missed the gym today, just hang it on the door of your house and train full workout.

If you are traveling to the beach to show some muscles and want some pump, just hang it on a tree and do full bodyweight training.

If you are in a camp, or desert, hang it on a car and train.

And even if you are going to the gym and there are plenty of machines around you, if you add at least one exercise of the TRX to your routine, you will feel sore and amazing from the results and pumping.

TRX is the most safe tool you ever can use, it depends on two resistance “gravity and your bodyweight”

So if you are overweight or obese and you want to start working out, the first safe option you have is TRX.

It has different levels to train with, from beginner levels up to advanced techniques.

You can use the TRX to lose weight, gain muscles, increase your endurance and increase your flexibility and your core will function all the time.

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