The rising female stars of CrossFit

CrossFit Ladies

Girls, what can’t we do? The answer is  NOTHING. Girls can do everything. We have the proof right here. check out the stories of those young girls, whom we predict will be ‘the stars of CrossFit’. Let’s see what they do, how they came across CrossFit, what they think of the sport, and their goals.

1-Diana Fathy

Diana Fathy is 23 years old. She is half Egyptian and half Hungarian. Diana never played any sports before CrossFit, she joined CrossFit stars last December. she always felt that she have so much energy and that she have to do something and excel at it. Seeing her friends’ pictures holding bars and doing gymnastics motivated her to be part of CrossFit.

2- Dalia Youssef

Dalia Youssef

Dalia is a former swimmer. she started CrossFit one year ago. She kept pushing and testing her limits every day and it paid off; she became the fourth fittest woman in Egypt in the opens of CrossFit games. Her next goal is to be a regional or a games athlete.


3- Nada Sherif

Nada started CrossFit at Hustle when she was 18, right before her freshman year.  she came a long way since then. one of the challenges she faces some days is trying to find the perfect balance between studying and crossfitting. she believes that wanting to achieve certain goals in both fields, can get a bit tricky, but being driven by the passion for both, as well as consistency and dedication, make things a lot more easier.


4- Noura Hathout

Noura is a 21-year-old girl. She came from Alexandria to study at the university and do CrossFit.  She has been living alone for 3 years now. She started coaching at hit Egypt 3 months ago. Her passion for CrossFit started when she was 17.  Since then, she saw herself in this game and her passion for CrossFit grew through the years until she decided to dedicate her time to it a year ago. She owes her success to her mentor Cavio for believing in her and pushing her.


5- Sara Salem

sara salem

Sara is an 18-year-old CrossFit athlete. She has been doing sports since she was a child , but nothing attracted her as much as CrossFit did. CrossFit taught her what hard work and mental toughness really mean, it showed her that her body is capable of things she thought she could never do. She wishes that one day Egyptians understand that Barbells are not only meant to be used by men, cause weak and feminine are definitely not the same.


6- Ganat Wagih

ganat wagih

Ganat started CrossFit 2 years ago to help her lose weight. she didn’t start taking it seriously until she realized that it’s not just about her weight on the scale, but about her strength, intelligence,  kindness, confidence,  beauty, or your worth. since then, Crossfit became her life. She just wants every Egyptian women to know it’s never too late to let her sport alarm wake her up every day for a new challenge, new body, new mind and new life.


7- Alla Ashmawi

Alaa Ashmawy

Alla started her journey as a Crossfit athlete 5 months ago by entering the Crossfit opens 2017.  she was doing usual sports after her weight had dramatically increased when she dropped her job as a pro model!She said that fitness & healthy lifestyle made an incredible transformation! But it’s not only about having the flawless body! it’s about believing in your abilities, discovering what you are capable of & conquering your fears. She decided to step aside from her comfort zone and try something new and that was CrossFit. She found that Crossfit easiest movements were the hardest for her! Then she became sure that this endless challenge “Crossfit” will be her next station.


8- Salma Ghazzawi 

Salma is a 21-year-old ISSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. she has been working at be fit Egypt since July 2016. she is a Dentistry student, in her fourth year. On the weekends. salma likes to go Kitesurfing in Ras Sedr.


9- Farah Omar

Farah Omar

Farah used to play many sports, but she was never really committed to something for a long time until she came across Crossfit in 2015. What Farah likes the most about CrossFit is that she can accomplish anything she put her mind to and that the human brain is just very powerful. The outcome is very rewarding; it makes one feel invincible.


10- Gillan El Sharnoubi

Gillan ‘ve always been active but she started doing CrossFit more seriously for the past two years or so at CrossFit Engine 38. she says she wouldn’t even consider herself a “rising” star.. she goes her own pace and will go only as far as her passion takes me. she loves CrossFit because it’s not just one thing, it combines and teaches many aspects of health and fitness, and it can be different for everyone. Right now, she is just obsessed with being the strongest that she can be in the right way for her!

11- Aya Waheed

Aya Wahied

Fitness is Aya’s ultimate passion,  she started her journey 13 years ago as a fitness coach, then she shifted from her full-time HR job to coaching 9 years ago. Her accomplishments include being ranked from top ten at the latest CrossFit games opens over Egypt, also got the second place competing at ELFIT14.


12- Dania Abd El Kader

Dania Abdel Kader

Two years ago, Dania was introduced to CrossFit. Ever since it became part of her everyday routine. What Dania likes the most about CrossFit is that she put effort and sees quick results.  That’s what got her hooked to go take CF-L1 earlier this year.


13- Hoda Shokry

Hoda Shokry

Hoda started CrossFit a year ago and it became more like a lifestyle and a passion for her. She joined 3 competitions and won one of them to know her weaknesses and turn them to strengths. This is just the start for her,  there will be more challenges to hit


14- Iman Arafa

Iman Arafa

Iman is a determined woman who discovered her passion for Crossfit at the age of 26.

“I don’t believe in impossible, everything is possible if you set your mind to it.”


15- Mayar Azmy

Mayar Started CrossFit in 2011. She has been coaching for more than 3 years now! CrossFit taught her so much about herself and showed her what true inner strength is all about! she believes that she still got a long way to go

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