The rising of Functional Fitness

Functional training

Your yoghurt is on the bottom shelf in the fridge, you squat to grab it. You carry your groceries back home.  You tip toe to get hold of the canned foods overhead. You bend getting out of the car, and you run up flights of stairs.

These are just few of the activities we all encounter In our daily lives. Functional fitness defines to a set of exercises that enhances these frequent activities and reduces risk of injury.


Functional fitness trains almost all of your muscles, and some of your joints together, to work more effectively and efficiently.

Doing what?

The functional exercises help improve:

  1. Coordination and balance  ( working on stability)
  2. Body power  ( working on quick body movements)
  3. Body strength ( working on the upper and lower body)
  4. Plane and range of motion ( working on multiple planes movements)

Some Exercises ? ( revolving around Squat, lunge, deadlift, push, pull)

  • Dumbbell reverse Lunge with rotation
  • Hip and thoracic openers
  • Single leg dumbbell row
  • Break dancer push up
  • Yoga squat
  • Kettlebell Turkish get up
  • Side lunge with reach
  • Overhead warm up dumbbells
  • Plank with a stability ball
  • Dumbbell Reverse Lunge and Press
  • Kettlebell Snatch

Is functional fitness for you ?

It is for everyone, if you have any medical case however, it is crucial you consult your physician first.

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