The story of a man who fought 20 different nationalities;”King Cheetah”.

King Cheetah

If you’re here looking for motivation, then you’re in the right place. Let Andre “King Cheetah” Valavanis tell you his story; how he started, his goals, and what he achieved.

‘5 years ago when I started taking boxing seriously my life goal was just to get the amateur national title. But after getting to know the sport more and more, my dreams started to grow exponentially. I have boxed in 5 countries and fought more than 20 different nationalities, and it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. I have won my fair share of Amateur fights in Sweden and Denmark.’

King Cheetah

‘Now as a professional, I held the National Egyptian title, WBF African title, WBF International title and now I am the Intercontinental Welterweight title with a 100% KO ratio in less than 2 years. And soon enough, I will be a world champion.’

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