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When you see the word “rope” in a workout, your brain automatically associates ropes to rope climbing or rope pulling.  There are so many exercises that could be done with ropes known as “The battle rope” exercises. Battle ropes are used as at high intensity to develop the athlete’s grip strength, upper body strength, core strength, endurance and power. These ropes will provide a killer workout.


What is a battle rope?


Battle Ropes come in all shapes and sizes.

Length: 8-15m

Thickness: 2.5 to 5cm.

Weight: 7.5 and 20 kg, depending on the thickness and length.

The rope is wrapped around an anchor point, and you hold it at the very end of the rope’s length (by one or two hands, depending on the exercise). By implementing a whipping or circular motion with your arms, you create what’s called a “wave”, which requires a huge metabolic demand and coordination to maintain in the rope.

The best thing about battle ropes workouts, that it’s suitable for different athlete levels from absolute beginners to Elite athletes



  1. It’s for everyone: The best thing about battle ropes workouts, that it’s suitable for different fitness levels from absolute beginners to Elite athletes
  1. Cardiovascular and resistance training: It will bring your heart rate up and you’ll feel that burning sensation in the muscle groups involved.
  1. Low impact training. No stress will be placed on the joints, as all the force applied is from the muscles.
  2. Functional: It works your entire body. From the arms, grip strength, shoulders and back to core and legs.
  1. Killer core workout. Core is engaged throughout the exercises to support the spine and enhance the upper body movement.
  2. Fat shredder: Burns just as many calories as sprinting, high-intensity interval training and heavy resistance training.
  1. Unconventional: you need to spice up your workout routine abit so instead of hitting a spinning class or a treadmill to get a good cardio workout, you could grab your battle rope and hit some waves shocking new muscle groups.
  1. Mobile: You could do them anywhere (home, park, gym). All you need is a battle rope and a strong anchor point.
  1. Endless variety: The sky is the limit when it comes to the countless of exercises that could be done with battle rope. You could combine push-ups, squats, lunges, burpees, jumps and pulls to your battle rope routine. You could also do them with a partner.



If the athlete is suffering from any shoulder, wrist or any upper body injury, they should stop immediately the workout until they are injury free.


Top 6 Battle Rope Exercises:           

Alternating waves

Alternate moving your arms up and down as fast as you can


Workout suggestion: 5 rounds of 30secs work


Double waves

Instead of alternating your arms up and down, move them up and down together

Double Wave

Workout suggestion: 5 rounds of 30secs work


In and Out circles

Circle Ropes

Make big circles with your arms. Right arm circles clockwise and the left arm cirlces counter clockwise

Workout suggestion:5 rounds of 30secs work


Side to side “Snake” waves

Swing your arms together side-to-side.

Side to Side Rope Waves


Workout suggestion: 5 rounds of 30secs work


Jumping Jacks

Hold the ropes by both ends and do some jumping jacks

Jumping Jacks Ropes

Workout suggestion: 5 rounds of 30secs work


Figure eight circles

Make a figure eight shape in the air. Change direction half way through the round

Eight Ropes

Go get yourself a battle rope and try some of the following workouts:

-WOD 1: Double Arm Waves + Burpee

Perform 5 double arms wave and then 1 burpee. Repeat 10 times


-WOD 2: Tabata training (20 seconds work/10 second rest).

Total time: 4 mins


  1. Alternating waves. 20:10 x 2 rounds
  2. Double waves 20:10 x 2 rounds
  3. Jump and jacks 20:10 x 2 rounds
  4. Jump squat with double waves 20:10 x 2 rounds


-WOD 3: 20 seconds each of single and double waves until failure.


-WOD 4: Perform 5 rounds, resting 90-120 seconds between rounds

(go all out in each round)
-10 Double Arm Waves
-20 Jumping Squats (no rope)
-10 In and out circles
-20 Push-ups
-10 Figure eight circles (both directions)

-20 Burpees




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