Ramadan Challenges 2022

Because Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to be mindful of both your body and your soul, we’ve brought together a list of 10 Ramadan programs you don’t want to miss.

The Burn by Ignite

Ignite Ramadan

Ignite – The Burn is tailored to help you achieve your weight goals, maximize gains and results, while tracking your progress. It includes group training, daily meal plans, and InBody assessments.

Ramadan Transformation Challenge by Move

Move Egypt Ramadan

Move’s Ramadan Transformation challenge includes nutrition guidance, fitness development, strength training, boxing, and kickboxing. Move also has the ladies only M-pact Ramadan Program.

Ramadan Fitballer by Befit 360

BeFit Ramadan

Befit’s Ramadan Fitballer combines your passion for football with a full-body workout merged with soccer technique & skill development. Befit also has 5 other Ramadan programs running in parallel, so be sure to check them out.

Ramadan Fat-Loss Program by Elevate

Elevate Crossfit Ramadan

Elevate’s Fat-loss program provides you with exclusive workouts, customized meal plans and constant support from the coaches and the athletes joining you.

Fit & Fast by The Pac

The PAC Crossfit Ramadan

The PAC – Fit & Fast comprises of a nutrition seminar, before and after Iftar training slots, and group support.

21 Transformation by HIT Egypt

Hit Egypt Ramadan

HIT’s 21 Transformation program contains  21 Days of intense workout, joint and mobility assessments, customized nutrition consultation, 24/7 coach access, and a boarding sessions for beginners.

Ramadan Challenge by Silver Giant Fitness

Silver Giants Ramadan

Silver Giant’s Ramadan Challenge is a 30-day of life-changing experience that will leave you with less kilos, better performance, and a healthier lifestyle.

Ramadan Bootcamp by Crossfit Stars

CrossFit Stars Ramadan

CrossFit Stars – Ramadan bootcamp is a pre-iftar workouts program that caters to all fitness levels.

Ramadan Cycling League by PowerRide Sports

Power Ride Ramadan

PowerRide‘s Indoor Cycling League is a brand-new racing series in Ramadan. The league consists of a series of indoor cycling races throughout the month that simulates road cycling taking you through various different routes.

Ramadan Running Challenge by Stamina

Stamina Ramadan

Stamina – In collaboration with The Nada Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads, Stamina’s Running Challenge is a virtual running where you run to collect points. The more you run, the more points you collect.

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