Staying active during Ramadan can be a challenge, but it’s important to prioritize your health and fitness goals. Fortunately, there are many fitness centers and gyms that offer specialized workout programs during Ramadan. We compiled a list of some of the best places to find workout programs during Ramadan, so you can stay on track with your fitness routine and maintain your physical and mental well-being throughout the month.

The Burn by Ignite

Ignite The Burn

Ignite‘s Ramadan program starts March 26th. The Burn is four weeks of intense training combined with customized nutrition plans and workshops, designed specifically to deliver you the ultimate transformation during Ramadan.

BeFit 360’s 3 Ramadan Programs

Befit 360

BeFit 360 is offering 3 programs this year; The Box (Strength & Conditioning), Weight Loss Program, and Wellness Nutrition Program. Choose the program that best suits your goals!

Ramadan Fat Loss Program by Elevate


Elevate is inviting you to elevate your Ramadan. Their 4-week program is tailored to keep you on track, teach you healthier habits, and provide you with 24/7 support from their coaches and your fellow athletes! The program starts March 25th.

The Camp Program by Move

Move The Camp Program

Move‘s weight-loss Program, The Camp, is for men and women, starts on the 1st day of Ramadan, and will be available in all of Move’s locations. The program features Cardio and Strength training as well as a nutrition plan.

Hit Clan’s 2 Ramadan Programs

Hit Egypt

Hit Clan offers 2 different programs this year; The Fab Fit ladies-only program and the 21 days transformation program

3B Ramadan Edition by Balance Gym

Balance Gym Ramadan

Balance Gym‘s 3B (Building Better Bodies) starts March 26th and promises you a better body & better habits.

Silver Giants Fitness’ Ramadan Challenge

Silver Giants

Silver Giants Fitness‘ goal this year is to help you build better habits. The program features customized Nutrition Plans, flexible schedule, follow-up group, competitions, and more.

Ramadan Indoor Cycling League by Power Ride Sports

Power Ride Ramadan

Power Ride Sports is back with their Ramadan Indoor Cycling League. The league consists of a series of indoor cycling races throughout the month that simulate road cycling, taking you through various different routes. Earn points depending on your ranking on each race. The more points you collect, the bigger the chance to be crowned King and Queen of The League.

F45’s Ramadan Package

F45 Ramadan

F45 will help you stay on track this holy month with their Ramadan package, including unlimited workouts, a customized nutrition plan, and full access to home workouts on the Challenge app.

Dare by Core

Core Gym Ramadan

Core‘s Ramadan transformation challenge, DARE, starts March 20th. The program features unlimited access to classes, in-body assessment, customized nutrition plans, and weekly health and wellness workshops.


Z10 Boxing Ramadan

Z10‘s Ramadan program is designed to help you increase muscle mass, improve full body coordination, improve overall fitness, burn calories & lose fat, challenge yourself, improve your defensive skills, learn how to box, and get a nutrition program just for you.

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