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the fit one

The Fit One is a health and fitness log that customizes online workout program and nutrition plan for 8 weeks, which includes daily updated meals and training to reach your target easily, focused on achieving your fitness goals, gaining lean muscle and losing fat, we provide you full support and follow up with very professional trainers and nutritionists via our virtual trainer service through our website or our app in IOS or android.

Your ultimate guide to fitness and health


The Fit One





Fitness Program

Train Safe At The Gym
Supported by the knowledge and guidance of our trainers. We are creating daily programs targeting toning, endurance, strength, fat loss, bulking and agility.


Sports Conditioning

Support Your Game
Strengthen your muscles, improve your agility, speed, joint mobility, endurance, flexibility and techniques through personalized exercises and routines.



Exercises In The Comfort Of Your Home
iforma is a home training program designed to workout with your own utensils, with simple directions, any time, at any room.


CrossFit Program

Improve Your Fitness Level
The CrossFit program will help you to achieve several goals in fitness: strength and endurance as well as cardiovascular conditioning.


All-In-One Program

A Full Mixed Program
Includes routines from all our customized programs matching your own training schedule and lifestyle. You decide how many days per week you spend at the gym, at home, at the CrossFit Box or the club.


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