These 3 Egyptians excelled at Kuwait Open

Crossfit Open

On the 3rd and fourth of February, the fitness scene witnessed the ‘Kuwait Open’. The Kuwait Open is a CrossFit competition; it gets held at the Ice Rink in Kuwait. How this CrossFit competition goes is that, over two days, contestants are required to complete 6 different workouts.

The competition features males and females as well as individuals and teams. Offcourse our Egyptian athletes had their own share of success; Rana El Deeb came in 5th,  Mohamed Omda and his team came in 2nd, and Tantawy came in 6th. It is also worth mentioning that, two weeks ago, Omda won first place at Bahrain’s ‘WOD Mayhem’

The three athletes, along with many others, are currently getting ready for CrossFit open which will start tomorrow. They will be competing along with many other international CrossFitters. We wish our athletes all the best.


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