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Endurance sport is a rapidly growing athletic division, incorporating participants of all age groups and fitness levels. Different people have specific targets, lifestyles, or merely interest in being healthy and active in an open, safe space with social distancing. The tools and teams are advancing and this type of fitness is becoming the new trend. Anyone can run, swim, and cycle, TheTriMachine just makes it more fun!

Accomplishments of 2020 & 2021

The TriMachine

In October of 2020, TTM killed it at “Sahl Hasheesh Endurance Festival” in all the sub-divided races.  Later in the year they also crushed it at the “Gouna Half Marathon” in November, the Alex Half Marathon, and the Triathlon National Championship.

2021 was also flourished with many achievements including Triathlon National Championship  in January, and again in March, the Soma Bay Endurance Festival  in April,  Madinaty Half Marathon, and the Triathlon African Championship!

And more attainments await!

The Architects of Tri-machine

This elite endurance sports academy’s journey started with the opening of 2020, on January 1st. The founder, Tarek Magdy, alongside the co-founders: Omar Magdy, Mohamed Farghaly, and Adam Hashem determinately decided to bring The Tri-machine to life!

The TriMachine

Tarek and Omar are partners of technicalities, ex-athletes, and members of the triathlon federation, starting as players, and now elite coaches. These head coaches hold previous fascinating experience in training various endurance athletes. The other duo, Farghaly and Adam are the architects responsible for all corporate strategy and operations.

Tri-machine is created to help athletes improve their endurance. It is mainly focused on lifestyle, resilience, multi-sports and of course, triathlons. Tri-machine offers cycling, swimming, running, and endurance fitness programs. Their packages are not limited to practicing all 3 sports, but is categorized into training 1, 2 or 3 sports of your liking.

The Distinctive In-between

Tri-machine provides PT services both inside and outside of the facility, as well as their exceptional group sessions. The facility offers a unique module that lies between PT and group training. Tri-machine assembles its athletes into 3 different groups; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These programs are for group trainings that are designed to be solely based on the fitness level (excluding age, gender, and athletic history).

The TriMachine

This plan offers a personalized group workout that benefits each individual in every group, and meets their current physical potential, in order to advance alongside others on the same level. This program design has shown remarkable progress, equal to, or even maybe exceeding PT! Scheduled in-session tests are what determines if the athlete is ready to level up!

Training camps

The TriMachine

Training camps are one of the best services Tri-machine has to offer, they’re even the team’s favorite activity! The best things about training camps are that they’re always open for everyone to join and a great way to explore Egypt! So far, Tri-machine has hosted 3 open water camps around the Mediterranean and Red seas, and a full triathlon camp. TTM camps are always focused on providing new kinds of training techniques and unique experience for performance development. They create team bonding spirit outside their comfort zone, in a fun and engaging, technically monitored atmosphere!


The TriMachine

Tri-machine has built 4 branches of its facility, trying to provide the best service in the best spots in town! They are now in Platinum club, New Cairo and Palm hills, Sheikh Zayed, and lately kick off in Zed sporting clubs and in Alexandria!  Stay tuned for their North Coast program!

Being part of TTM is all about joining a unique community that revolves around sports and exploration of development, where every athlete’s success creates that of TTMs, and all TTM athletes collectively are TTM’s ultimate inspiration pushing them far beyond an ordinary training facility…

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