Tips to recreate your favorite Ramadan treats

Ramadan Healthy Tips

The different local bakeries and patisseries are always in search of creative Ramadan sweets to shower us every year. Even though we all want to try these tasty treats, we need to pay attention to what goes into our bodies. A bite of these treats is packed with calories. So, how about we try and recreate those treats ourselves. Your sweet tooth and body will thank you for it. Here are some tips that can help you as you get creative in the kitchen.

Use low-fat milk

if you’re going to use milk, it’s always better to go with low-fat.

Skip the sugar

refined sugar

Skip the regular sugar you add to your Ramadan juices and sweets, especially ‘Koshaf’. If you need to sweeten something, you can use low-calorie sugar.

Skip honey

a spoon of honey

Honey is a less harmful sweetener, but it is still not good for your diet. If your recipe says put honey on top, we recommend you skip this ingredient.

Skip cream

Cream can taste and look good on your little treat, but it won’t look good on your body.

Eat fewer nuts

mixed unsalted nuts
mixed unsalted nuts

Ramadan is the month of nuts. Yes, your fridge definitely has some right now. Nuts are filled with calories and fats, so eat them in moderation. If you want, you can skip nuts and replace them with cinnamon powder, coconut powder, or unsweetened cocoa powder

Don’t eat fried

Instead of the fried katayef, you can either eat it raw or grilled. Same goes for all types of fried sweets.

Homemade sweets are always better than store-made ones. That way you know what goes exactly into your body.

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