To cheat or not to cheat? This is the question.

Diet plans are no holy books, but being in control is extremely sexy. IF you follow some regimen, then you definitely have a goal, and whatever goal that may be ( losing weight, building muscles..etc.), it is completely dedicated to bettering your health.

Fit Woman

If you are on a strict diet, like a ketogenic one, sorry.. the answer is not to cheat.

 Most diets however recommend cheating, for the psychological satisfaction that the indulgence of high calories create. Cheat a meal, not a day. Use the 90/10 rule, where 90% of the time you stick to your healthy eating plan, and the other 10%, you feed your fondness of chocolate chip cookies and saucy burgers.


Many dietitians have lit the green light on this. Cheating time will be a motivation to carry on through pizza-less days. The answer is: to cheat ( and do it passionately).

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