Top 3 myths you have always believed it’s a granted fact

Top 3 myths

Throughout the world of working out, you tend to pass along the exercise tips that you’ve learned to the people you know, whether you’ve heard it from someone at the gym whom you think is your role model or from some website on the internet that gets your hopes higher than the sky that you could get rid of your belly fat in a week, but the truth is half of the things you know might turn out to be a myth, a common myth that has been passed along over and over until it became a false fact. Some myths can be harmless but when it comes to your health and your body you should just pay a lot more attention.

Fitness myth number 1:


It’s not about the number of sets or the number of hours you stay at the gym, your muscles won’t get bigger overnight. Muscles don’t get bigger from the number of workouts; they get bigger with following a good nutrition plan and when you leave sometime for it to recover.

For example, in your normal day you sleep for 8 straight hours, you remain up for 16 hours; during these 16 hours you should work out for only 1 or 1, 1/2 hour and the rest of the day you should be concentrating on eating the sufficient proteins and carbs intake for your body to gain muscles and following your nutrition plan.

Now let’s build the pyramid of how to gain more muscle mass

  • Nutrition gets the biggest share
  • Recovery comes second
  • Working out comes last

Therefore don’t waste your time at the gym if you are not following a good nutrition plan.

Fitness myth number 2:

The macronutrients approach gets you bigger in no time

For building muscle mass some people use the idea of macronutrients which is eating large intake of fast food, fried chicken, pizza, and French fries without paying attention to the good nutrients thinking that the body will take its necessary carbs and proteins from it and will do all the filtration for what’s unnecessary on its own as long as they are working out. In fact when you follow a good nutrition plan consisting of both micronutrients that includes vitamins, minerals and macronutrients at which you plan your nutrition in a way that balances the supply of your muscles with the needed amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats along with working out will help you gain more muscle mass than supplying your body with a large amount of macronutrients only.

Fitness myth number 3:

Training your abs will burn belly fat:

Some people think that training your abs will burn belly fat, when in fact it will only help gaining more muscles that will push the belly outwards.

In order to burn belly fat you have to plan a good training routine including cardio training at least once a week for more than 45 minutes and include pure clean protein for nutrition, lower your carb intake, stop drinking much alcohol as alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories and finally increase the unsaturated fats intake.

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