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To whoever thinks Egyptians are not into fitness, you need to double check your thoughts! Instagram helps putting lights on those young healthy fitness freaks who have passion and believe in sports. You know what? Following those figures and being exposed to their healthy lifestyles helps you stay positive and follow your fitness targets.

Don’t you have your smart phone besides you? Grab it and check those top 20 Egyptian Fitness freaks on Instagram:

  1. Aly Mazhar

Aly Mazhar

It goes without saying that when we mention Instagram Fitness figures, then Aly Mazhar is the first one that comes to your mind, he is an athlete, the founder of Befit Egypt, and Nike Ambassador, his Instagram account is @AlyMazhar.

2. Salma Magdy

Salma Magdy

Her Instagram account is @SalmaMagdy_ , she is Gymaholic, lifter, and Finswimmer. She is very passionate about eating clean healthy food.

3. Youssef Sawaby

Youssef Sawaby

His Instagram account is @YoussefSawaby, he is first ever Musclemania Arabia Fitness Model Champion 2014, Second Men’s physique and Third Bodybuilding Musclemania Universe 2015.

4. Ahmed Kamal


His Instagram account is @AhmedKamal_k, he is one of Egypt’s number one competition trainers, and Warrior at Athletic For Life Egypt.

5. Farah Nofal

Farah Noufal

Her Instagram account is @FarahNofal_ , she is Befit Coach, Level one and Level two CrossFit Trainer, yogi, and Lychee Brand Ambassador.

6. Tarek El Shorbagy

Tarek Shorbagy

His Instagram account is @Tarek_Elshorbagy, he is The Show winner season 2, a personal trainer, MyProtein Ambassador, and Men’s physique competitor.

7. Mirna El Helbawi

Mirna El Helbawy

Her Instagram account is @Mirna_Elhelbawi, she is a writer however, an ex-football player and current Addidas Ambassador.

8. Mint


An interior architect, and Pole Fit Egypt Founder. Her Instagram account is @Mint.pfe

9. Sherif El Shafei

Sherif El Shafei

His Instagram account is @Sherifelshafei, he is an athlete, and the founder of Performa, fitness and bodybuilding transformation programs provider page.

10. Norshek Fawzy


Her Instagram account is @Norshek, she is a yogi, and the founder of Wellness Log, a wholesome workout and nutrition program that’s tailored to each individual.

11. Zayneb Azzam

Zaynab Azzam

Her Instagram account is @zaynebazzam, she is an Egyptian Turkish model, and Fitbox ambassador.

12. Hussein Abdeldayem

Habdel Dayem

Egypt’s First Performance Specialist, IGNITE Egypt founder, coaches and athletes educator, and Cleanbars ambassador. His Instagram account is @Habdeldayem

13. Mohamed Hadary


His Instagram account is @MoeHadaryfitness, he is Egypt’s first fitness model, and pro fashion model.

14. Samo Khedr

Samo El nemr

AesthetixEra Ambassador, Musclemania Arabia Third Fitness Model, and The Show season 2 runner up to 16. His Instagram account is @SamoElnemr

15. Rowana Badry

rawan Badry

Her Instagram account is @Rowanabadry_ she is Befit coach, ISSA certified fitness trainer, SFN specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and writer at TheFitnessMagazine.

16. Kareem Gouda

Karim Gouda

Egyptian art director, runner, and ambassador of Nestle Egypt. His Instagram account is @kareemgouda

17. Dalia El Taieb

Health Guru Magazine

Founder and owner of Egypt’s first health magazine; health guru magazine. And her Instagram account is @Health_Guru_Magazine

18. Hala Serag El-Din

Hala Serag el din

Her Instagram account is @Hala.serageldin she is a certified fitness trainer, Fitchen ambassador, and athlete.

19. Khaled Monib

Khaled Monib

His Instagram account is @Khaled_monib he is the founder of BarcommunityEgypt, Co-founder at Fit.yard and Rubberbanditz sponsored athlete.

20. Samira Khalil

Samira Khalil

Her Instagram account is @SamiraKhalil, samira is CrossFit level 1 trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and Cheerobics master trainer.

21. Yara Zoheiry


She loves to encourage her follwers to push themselves to start a healthier fitter life, she is a crossfitter, and her Instagram account is @YaraZoheiry

22. Heba Tawfik

Heba Tawfik

An Artist, yet a gymaholic, and 3 times Inline speed skater of the republic. Her Instagram Account is @HebamTawfik3

23. Amr Hessain

Amr Hessain

His Instagram account is @AmrHessain, he is The Show Champion, USN ambassador, and WBFF Europe Pro MM Champion of 2015.


We sure missed a lot of other important Egyptian fitness figures, please add them in a comment below to be featured in another article.

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