Top Egyptian Instagram Public Figures

Public Figures

Your Instagram account wouldn’t be Instagram without those who put the trends. Some of them make you laugh, some give you advice regarding their career, some are artists, and some are too into fashion that they got called “Fashionista”!

Getting inspired isn’t something we should be ashamed of; we do admit that sometimes we get some fashion hacks from Instagram models, and we may change our minds and take certain decisions just because someone we used to follow shared specific story that happened to them.

So here is a list of Instagram top public figures you would love to follow:

Zaynab Azzam

Turkish|Egyptian Model


Huda el Mufti

Fashion Designer & Model

Marwa Hassan

Designer, LifeStyle blogger & Hijab style influencer


Fashion blogger & Fitbox Brand Ambassador

Salma Abu Deif

Model & Traveller

Zada Jr

Graphic Desiginer & Artist

N abu Bakr

Motivational Speaker, Social Media Influencer and Adidas & Huawei Brand Ambassador


LifeStyle Social Media Influencer

tara emad

Model & Actress

Nourhan Eissa

LifeStyle Blogger

Aisha el Shabrawy

Photographer & Traveller

Pola Salem

Photographer & LifeStyle Blogger



Hadia Ghaleb

Founder of Ghaleb Production House & Fashion Blogger

Malak el Husseiny

Singer, Song Writer, Artist and Traveller

Sahar Fouad

Fashion Blogger

Dolly Yanny

Make-up Artist

Omar Samra

Founder of WildGuanabana, Traveller and Motivational Speaker

Sherif Fayed

Traveller, Videographer & TV Host

m kojak

Fashion designer & Blogger

Farah Galal

LifeStyle & Fashion Blogger

Raneem Essam

Fashion Influencer & Make-up Artist

Suzie el Ramouzy

Digital Influencer

Mohamed Mekkawy

Actor & LifeStyle Blogger

Nourhan Khalifa

Stylist & Fashion Photographer

Ranin El Gaby

Fashion Editor & Style Blogger


Entertainer – Comedian

Ahmed Hossam

Actor & Director

Ashraf Hamdi

Filmmaker & Actor

A zaatar

Photographer & Traveller

Wael Mansour


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