Top funny moments and fails of Rio 2016

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Between victory and defeat, there are a lot of funny embarrassing, and heartbreaking moments that always occur in important championships.

We gathered the most interesting of those moments which took place in Rio Olympics 2016.

  • French fencer dropped mobile phone during the match

    French fencer drops mobile phone during Olympics contest

    He quickly picked it up and passed it to a man in the crowd, but it was too late all cameras captured the shot!

  • Sun Yang throw cap fail

    Sun Yang throw cap fail

    One of the most important moments in his life was when he won the gold medal. However, he turned it to an embarrassing one when he wanted to throw his swimming cap to his fans, but the cap ended in the pool!

  • Ryan Lochte’s hair turned green

    Ryan Lochte's hair turned green

    He dyed it silver, but he didn’t know that the chlorine in the Olympic pool will turn it to green!

  • Michael Phelps death stare to Chad Le Clos

    Michael Phelps death stare

    As a sort of cold war, Miachael Phelps threw South Africa’s Chad le Clos a death stare at men’s 200m butterfly. What is more hilarious that the facial expression became a tattoo!

  • Jeffrey Julmis falling down at first hurdle

    Jeffrey Julmis falls down

    We can just call it bad luck because it was a Tuesday!

  • Boxer Lu Bin mistakenly thought he won

    Boxer Lu Bin mistakenly thought he won

    It might be the worst nightmare an athlete could go through in Olympics to misunderstand the judge and start celebrating, only to find that his opponent is the winner!

  • Ashley McKenzie heartbreak

    Ashley McKenzie heartbreak

    That moment when British common wealth judo champion Ashley McKenzie broke down after he endured a defeat in Rio.

  • The bizarre green swimming pool

    The bizarre green swimming pool

    Like Ryan Lochte’s hair, Diving pool turned inexplicably green for women’s synchronized 10m platform final!

  • Key Nishikori drops racquet

    Key Nishikori drops racquet

    What’s more surprising is that he won!

  • Spanish swimmer false start

    Spanish swimmer false start

    But fortunately he got a second chance!

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