Top Healthy Movie Snacks to Eat in the Cinema

Healthy Snacks-Batman-Superman

The cinema is always considered the biggest place that includes all the unhealthy high calorie snack options. If you want to stay away from these seductive options, you need to find healthy as well as delicious substitutes. Here is a list of the top healthy snacks to take with you when heading to the cinema

1- The 100 calorie Almond packs


They’re rich in protein, fiber, and magnesium which all help fill you up and satisfy you.

2- Home Made Fruit Salad

Include all the fruits you like in a small launch box and put it in your bag to keep yourself away from the unhealthy food options at the cinema.

3- Easy Baked Apple Chips

Apple Chips
Cut some apples into thin slices. Put in the oven and bake until apples are dried and edges curl up, 45 minutes to 1 hour, add some cinnamon on them (Optional).

4- Dry Cereal

Dry Cerial
Dry cereal is a great healthy option to give you energy.

5- Protein Bar

Replace your chocolate bars with protein bars.

6- A Bottle of Water

Water Bottle
Exchange your soda can with a water bottle.

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