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The Egyptian fitness community continues to show unprecedented unity and effort during these very challenging times. After weeks of hard work, they have come out with their breakthrough: online fitness programs. Below are some of the fitness programs they have put together to help you reach your fitness goal while you quarantine. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscles, use our Cairo Gyms promocode and get the best rates.

Miracle Nassif

Miracle Nassif

Background: An ex African judo champion, performance enhancement specialist and certified fitness nutritionist.

Program: She coaches ladies only through her website.
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Amr Reda

Amr Reda Final

Background: Amr is the founder of Remove transformation challenge program, a partner in Move Egypt, a head coach, and a nutritionist.

Program: Online Personal training offering customized meal plans and workout plans.

Promocode: CairoGymsX20 (20% discount for CairoGyms Fans).
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Rana El Hariri

Rana Hariri

Background: Rana has been passionate about fitness for 10 years. She used to train close people and friends. Two years ago, she decided to start studying Personal Training from the American Council on Exercise and left her corporate job as a marketing manager of a luxury fashion store to professionally follow her passion.

Program: She offers sevral online programs:

1- customized program – Design Your Body!
2- Hip Dip Filler.
3- Booty building & Booty lifting.
4- Chest Up.
5- Get them, Sexy ARMS!

Promocode: CairoGymsX30 (30% Discount for CairoGyms Fans)
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Muhammad Deeb

Dr. Deeb

Background: A doctor, a certified clinical and sports nutritionist and a certified Crossfit, weightlifting and gymnastics coach. Deeb has been Coaching CrossFit for 7 years; he trained multiple top 10 athletes in Egypt. He has been a top 5 athlete for the past 7 years and qualified for regionals twice.

Programs: Deeb offers fully customized fitness and nutrition plans for all fitness levels. He specializes in working with athletes from all levels looking to improve their fitness levels and not just how they look. He provides weekly training plans and weekly feedback + 24/7 online support for any questions or concerns.

Promocode: CairoGymsX10 (10% Discount for CairoGyms Fans)
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Allaa Ashmawii

Alaa Ashmawy


Certified Fitness coach, Athlete & Health Enthusiast who had a weight loss transformation journey, jumped into the Fitness industry since 2013. 
Her first aim as a Fitness coach is to coach you on how to lead a healthy lifestyle before seeking only a good body!
Addicted to INSTAGRAM, Sushi, Curls & Dark chocolate. 

Program: Train with Ash- 3 days per week program!
that will guide you and get you close to your goals step by step towards an ACTIVE, FIT & HEALTHY LIFE.

All You Need to give is 3 HOURS PER WEEK!

*Customized online program depending on your goal
*Weekly follow up
*Exercise demo
*Nutrion tips
*Live sessions (optional)

Promocode: CairoGymsX15 (15% discount for CairoGyms Fans)
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Ahmed Kamal

Ahmed Kamal

Background: Founder of Fitmap Gym

Program: 1 month & 3 months programs – workout plans, nutrition plans, and follow up every 2 weeks

Promocode: CairoGymsX20 (20% Discount for CairoGyms Fans)
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Ali Abughaben

Ali Abu Ghaben

Background: Chairman & Founder of @body_pal & @bodypalfitnessdepot

Online Functional fitness programs adjusted for home workouts
4 workouts
8 workouts
12 workouts
Including core, cardio and compound muscle groups
Promocode: CairoGymsX10 (10% Discount for CairoGyms Fans)
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Mohamed Hany

Coach Hany

Background: Graduated from physical education

Diploma in sports management
Masters in Health Sciences
CFT certified fitness trainer
SFN Science fitness nutrition
PT personal trainer
Certified for Biomechanics & Kinesiology
Experience 12 years
Musclemania Middle East champ and overall champ.
Musclemania world 3rd place.


Ramadan offer
2 workouts plan
2 Nutrition plan
Weekly assessment.

Promocode: CairoGymsX70 (70% Discount for CairoGyms Fans)
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Zeina Kassas

Zeina Kasas


2nd fittest woman in Syria ‘Crossfit Open Games 2nd place 2019/2020’.
Crossfit coach and personal trainer #ZKProgram.
Rahet Bally Head Coach.
Rahet Bally Technical Director.

ZK Online Personalized Program:
Duration: 1 month
Equipment needed: None! your body is the machine (unless you have a gym / Crossfit box access)

Details: The program will be designed to help you reach your goals and targets, train on your preferred days / times, eat well and change your habits!
She will be sending weekly nutrition plans, regarding workouts, she will work on training programing by adding 3 workouts / week to support your goals.

Promocode: CairoGymsX25 25% discount for CairoGyms Fans
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Youssef Sawaby

Youssef Sawaby

Background: Former American football player who turned his career into bodybuilding since 2010, started to compete in 2014 at Musclemania shows and 5X Musclemania champion in bodybuilding, Men’s physique and classic physique world champion.

Program: 12 weeks natural transformation includes personalized meal plan, workout routine, and supplements plan.

Promocode: CairoGymsX20 (20% Discount for CairoGyms Fans)
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Ahmed Fayek

Ahmed Fayek


X-track & field athlete.
X- Basketball athlete.
X-Fitness Manager (6 yrs)
X-Mechatronics Engineer.
Director Group Fitness @Balance gym egypt
Kettlebell concepts_certified_M-Instructor.
ViPR_certified_M-Instructor(LMT1 & LMT2).
TRX_certified_Instructor(GSTC & FTC).
3D maps_CAFs_Institute_certified_trainer.
LesMills_certified_Instructor(Body pump, GritStrength, GritPlyo, GritCardio)
LesMills_certified_Group Fitness Management


Group online training sessions

18 (4 each week & 2 sessions for chosen weekend by the whole group)  or  24 (6 each week) online group training sessions via Zoom application.

  • Kettlebell with the master
  • Train with your shadow
  • Train around the bar
  • Make your body, your machine
  • Mobilizing your body

Individual online training sessions

Here you can train only you VS me via Zoom application with whatever the equipment you have even if you don’t have any equipment.

Promocode: CairoGymsX10 (10% Discount for CairoGyms Fans)

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