Top Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas!


Makeup may be an everyday occurrence for some of you but Halloween makeup is easily one of the most creative, innovative ways to play with cosmetics. Whether it’s zombie makeup or vampire fangs, the options are endless !
Sometimes though, you want to be more glam than gore so these pretty Halloween makeup ideas are going to be perfect for the person who isn’t wanting to break out the liquid latex during the holiday. No matter what your makeup style, you will find something suitable for you that you’re sure to wow the crowd in.

Whether people are searching for a specific way to achieve the perfect Walking Dead zombie look or going for the sexy vampire costume, there’s a huge variety when it comes to the looks you can try out.

So what are the  makeup options to consider for a pretty look during your All Hallow’s Eve celebrations?
1.Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll

Barbie look is always a cute simple choice for your Halloween if you are not into heavy options.

2.Gorgeous Vampire


The Vampire Diaries-inspired is a stunning choice, its the way to look pretty and  scary as hell.

3.Sexy Cat

Sexy Cat

Come on, you knew a sexy cat was going to be on this list, right? Yup  cat is a must for Halloween 2015!

4.Sailor + Pin-Up Girl

Pin-Up Girl

What’s better for a glamorous Halloween makeup than a sailor costume complete with red-lipped pin-up makeup?



How pretty and whimsical is this perfect look? Plus you can contour until your heart is content.

6.Snow White

Snow White

All Disney princesses are excellent choices for pretty Halloween makeup!

7. ’90s Grunge


The ’90s makeup trend of yesterday are totally back in, so why not up the ante with this gorgeous, sexy grunge look!

Enjoy your Halloween ladies and stay creepy and freaky 😉

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