Top survival hacks for Ramadan

Ramadan Hacks

The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner. Here are some hacks that will help you have a smooth month and avoid any fatigue.

Don’t eat junk food for suhoor

eating a fatty meal

Junk food will make you hungrier faster. Replace junk food with things like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, eggs, beans, or labneh. These types of food take more time to digest and last longer in your stomach.


Avoid cooking shows

We know Ramadan is probably the only time of year you want to watch cooking shows. But believe me, this won’t help. It will make you even hungrier. Try a regular show.


Take it slow with water

Water Bottle

Resist the temptation and don’t drink the big cold bottle of water for Iftar; take it slow to avoid any stomach disorder.



tobacco cigarettes

cigarettes are not good for you, at any time of year and under all circumstances. Ramadan is the perfect time of year to reduce your cigarettes consumption. Maybe even quit forever?


Can’t quit coffee?

drinking coffee

If you can’t quite coffee, then it’s best to have a cup after Iftar, not suhoor, because it dehydrates the body and leaves you feeling thirsty after a very short period of time.




Everyone is tempted to sleep less in Ramadan, we don’t know why. However, you should be getting a very good amount of sleep to avoid headaches during the day.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy and embrace every moment of this beautiful month. Be it, prayers, satisfaction after a long day of fasting, family gathering, or any other moment.

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